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What is DeKalb Chicken: Breed Profile and Characteristics

Dekalb chicken is a very popular chicken brand of laying hens in the Philippines and is available in two colors – white and brown.

DeKalb Poultry Research, Inc. is an American genetics and hatchery company that was founded in 1944. After 51 years of successful layer breeding, the poultry business was sold to Central Farms of America in 1995. On June 30, 2000, Dekalb Poultry Research became part of Institut de Sélection Animale – ISA is today known as Hendrix Genetics. Hendrix Genetics is the same company that currently develops the SASSO brand in cooperation with Cobb-Vantress

DeKalb Chicken

The two most popular DeKalb lines of breeds are widely grown and raised in the Philippines for eggs. They are Dekalb White and DeKalb Brown.

DeKalb White

DeKalb White is what we see in most caged poultry layer farms in the Philippines today. Although there are other competitors like Lohmann White, DeKalb dominates the Philippine market. DeKalb white is developed mainly from White Leghorn with other breeds.

dekalb white
DeKalb White layers

According to DeKalb Website:

The Dekalb White is efficient, docile, and capable of laying up to 500 eggs. As the industry transitions from a cage system to cage-free and pasture-run systems, the Dekalb White is ideal for this ongoing evolution.

Adaptable and docile, the Dekalb White is the right choice for extended production cycles and superb persistency, and it thrives in alternative housing systems. The Dekalb’s high number of first-quality eggs are suitable for table eggs or processing purposes. And because of its good temperament, management under today’s welfare standards is easy.

DeKalb Brown

DeKalb Brown is the most popular breed in cage-free egg production producing brown eggs. From backyard raisers to big free-range layer farms, DeKalb Brown is always the best choice. DeKalb Brown is developed from several heritage breeds including Leghorns and Rhode Islands.

Dekalb-chicken brown
DeKalb Brown layers

According to DeKalb Website:

Dekalb Brown is a well-balanced, all-around performance bird. A champion egg layer produces dark brown eggs with very strong shells. The Dekalb Brown is an ideal layer for high numbers of first-quality, medium-sized, table eggs. This bird delivers predictable and proven profits for egg producers. With high peak production and excellent laying persistence, the Dekalb Brown is a proven all-around performer.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Dekalb Chicken

What is Dekalb Brown parent stock?

Dekalb parent stock results in large numbers of saleable day-old chicks from each breeder female. The Dekalb parent stock is bred for the extended egg-laying cycle, giving our customers premium performance while increasing efficiency.

What breed is Dekalb Brown?

DeKalb Brown is developed. from several heritage breeds including Leghorns and. Rhode Islands.

What chicken is best for egg-laying Philippines?

Dekalb White layers are another of very popular layer breed used for egg production in the Philippines. They were developed by Hendrix ISA, a US company, and have characteristics that make them not only one of the most popular but also one of the most suitable layers for raising in the Philippines.

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