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Top 5 Best Cutting Gamefowl Bloodlines

If you are here because you are asking Google about the best cutting gamefowl breeds, you are in the right place.

Cockfighting is a centuries-old tradition in the Philippines that has been passed down from generation to generation. It was once a simple form of entertainment, but today it is a full-blown sport that is enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

The sport of cockfighting started to become popular in the Philippines many centuries ago and has remained popular through the ages. It is believed to have been introduced by the Chinese, who first brought chickens to the country. The sport has since evolved in various ways, with Filipinos adding their unique spin to the traditional rules and regulations.

Cockfighting is an exciting sport, with intense rivalries among participants and specially-bred roosters competing for the title of champion. Many enthusiasts will invest countless hours into raising and training their birds, grooming them for battle, and preparing them for competition. The birds are given specific diets and are often given special treatments to increase their strength and endurance.

Since cockfighting is both sport, business, and livelihood, people are always asking and looking for the best cutting gamefowls to maximize their chances of winning. After spending tremendous time on research, here, we bring you the top five best cutting roosters for you to check on.

Best Cutting Gamefowl Bloodlines

1. Whitehackle


Whitehackles are considered to be the most beautiful gamefowl in the world by most breeders. They have straight combs, stand proud with their broad shoulders, and have a compact build and thick plumage. This breed has a red color, spotted with mustard hackles. A pure whitehackle fowl normally has a majestic white color. Hence, if you are looking for aesthetics, the Whitehackle is the ideal breed for you.

But don’t let looks fool you, as Whitehackles are known to have high gameness (being eager to fight or showing fierceness) and are extremely intelligent. Because they used the cockpit, displaying tactical positioning and shiftiness, whitehackles were often referred to as “ring generals” by breeders. As well as being hard hitters and having good cutting skills, whitehackles are strong and durable, able to withstand hits and endure drag battles.

Morgan whitehackles and Kearney whitehackles are some of the most popular whitehackle bloodlines.

2. Hatch

Blueface Hatch

As with Whitehackle gamefowls, Hatches are known for being strong and aggressive, but they are also renowned for their high level of gameness. They possess tremendous power and toughness that is good for drag fighting.

The bodies and bones of hatchlings mature quickly, so they are always in excellent condition regardless of weather conditions.

Hatch bloodlines include the Yellow-legged hatch, Blueface hatch, McLean hatch, and Morgan hatch.

3. Roundhead

Roundhead stag

Roundhead dogs are said to originate from both England and Asia. Regardless of the breed’s true origin, the Roundhead bloodline has already proven its value to serious breeders.

Roundheads are known for having round, short bodies, and are especially good at fighting stags.

With their already deadly cutting abilities, roundheads strike opposing cocks accurately, moving strategically against any fowl they encounter.

4. Claret

Claret Gamefowl

One of the keenest cutting gamefowl in both land and air, the Claret bloodline was bred by Col. John Madigin to beat a famous gamefowl breeder. Due to its name derived from Red as a Claret wine, Clarets have black breasts and straight combs. Their wings and tails often have white streaks, and their feathers are heavy.

Claret game fowls rarely strike, but when they do, they time their strikes carefully to ensure a more deadly strike. High-stationed roosters are aggressive hitters and can break high with their high-flying moves.

Some breeders prefer crossing clarets with other fowl breeds as well.

5.  Sweater

texas gamefowl
Sweater, a popular “Texas” gamefowl bloodline

As one of the most in-demand and winningest breeds of gamefowl today, the Sweater deserves all of the praise that it receives from cockfighting enthusiasts. A Sweater has a do-or-die mentality – always engaged, always aggressive. Sweaters usually dominate their opponents with their combination of moves.

It used to lack endurance, but infusions of other fowl breeds made it a threat today. Sweaters are medium-to-high stationed, red-breasted, and have long feathers, especially in the tail.

The next step is to choose the breed that best suits you and make sure you can manage it. Now that you know the breeds to choose from and what you want, you are ready to move on to the next step.

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