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The Best Fowlpox Medicine for Chickens

If you are looking for the best fowlpox medicine for chickens, you come to the right place. Continue reading and learn why.


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Last Sunday, November 15, our farm caretaker called and told me that one of our Dominant Blue hens had severe fowlpox (bulutong sa manok) on her nose and her left eye had already closed. I even asked Joseph, our caretaker, why he is only telling me now. He said he did not notice because the infection was so fast that it wasn’t noticeable in the past couple of days.

Chick with fowlpox

Usually, we do not use drugs. We always use raw shrimp as our main treatment but because of the weather conditions, there is no available prawn or shrimp in our local market. I don’t want to let another day pass so I asked our local poultry supply what will be the fastest remedy.

The store gave me 3 tablets of Thymol Fowl-Poxvet for P12 and told me to give the chicken one tablet each day for three days. I sent the tablets to my assistant and told him the same. I searched online later and found out that Fowl-Poxvet is available online for P140 per bottle of 50 tablets.

We’ve been growing chickens for more than a decade but I never tried using drugs on fowlpox because we never experienced a major problem on this. As I mentioned we always use shrimp and is very effective.

Early this morning, my caretaker told me that the infection was removed and the left eye of the chicken looked like nothing happened. I then purchased one bottle online because other chickens could be infected due to changing weather.

Based on online data, Thymol Fowl-Poxvet has the following descriptions and indications:

Prevention and treatment of fowl pox, principally in young chickens. Promotes better health and lower mortality. Treatment and prevention of Dove’s pox should not be taken orally, it must be diluted in water or as prescribed by a veterinarian. For birds over 3 months old, 1 tablet each day for 3 to 7 days depending on the severity of infections.

There is another brand of Thymol, the Thymol Mothyl – X which is used mainly by gamefowl breeders. So far we haven’t tested this one yet.   

Questions related to fowlpox medicine for chickens

What are the symptoms of Fowlpox?

  • Signs of the disease include:
  • Scabs or wart-like lesions on the comb, wattles, eyelids, face, and feet.
  • Eyelid swelling and eyes sealed shut or scabbed over.
  • Yellow canker lesions in the mouth.
  • Weight loss.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Reduced water consumption.

What is the Fowlpox vaccine?

Description. Fowl Pox vaccine made by using the chicken embryo propagated strain of Fowl Pox virus has been developed for use in chickens aged 8 weeks or older. When used as directed, it will aid in preventing the clinical signs caused by the virulent field strains of Fowl Pox viruses.

Does fowl pox go away?

The incubation period of fowl pox is 4-10 days. Nodules appear 5-8 days after infection, and scabs clear in 3-4 weeks in simple cases.

How did my chickens get fowlpox?

Fowl pox is most commonly transmitted by mosquitoes. This spreads the disease between chicken coops and its properties. A mosquito that has bitten an infected chicken can carry fowl pox in its saliva for 8 weeks. Fowl pox can also be spread by infected chickens.

Can you vaccinate older chickens for fowl pox?

Poxine® is recommended for vaccination against fowl pox in healthy chickens 6 weeks of age or older and in healthy turkeys 8 weeks of age or older. Store this vaccine at not above 45°F (7°C). Do not vaccinate within 21 days before slaughter. Use the entire contents of the vial when first opened.

Can humans get sick from fowl pox?

Avian pox is not known to affect humans, but it is highly contagious between birds. If you suspect your local birds have this illness, stop artificial feeding for several days to help slow or stop the spread of the disease. Feeders can concentrate birds and hasten the spread of disease.

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