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Premoxil 550 Description, Indications, and Dosage

Are you looking for a powerful medication to treat your chickens’ illnesses? Look no further than Premoxil 550! Whether in tablet or powder form, this medication is designed to help cure various diseases and ailments. In this blog post, we will cover everything you need to know about Premoxil 550 – from its description and indications to proper dosage instructions and potential side effects. Keep reading to learn more about how this medication can benefit your furry friend’s health!

Premoxil 550 Description

Premoxil 550 is a medication that comes in both tablet and powder form, depending on your poultry needs. This powerful medicine is manufactured by a trusted company known for producing high-quality veterinary products –  Battlecock Products. When it comes to your gamefowl’s health, you want to ensure that they’re getting the best possible care – and Premoxil 550 provides just that.

Premoxil 550 tablets
Premoxil 550 tablets

The tablets are small and easy to swallow, making them an excellent option for pets who struggle with taking pills. The powder form can be mixed in with food or water, which makes it much easier to administer if your furry friend doesn’t like swallowing tablets.

One of the many advantages of Premoxil 550 is its ability to treat several diseases and ailments. From respiratory infections and bacterial infections to urinary tract infections and more, this medication has proven effective against various illnesses.

Premoxil 550 offers a reliable treatment option for pets suffering from different conditions. Whether you choose the tablet or powder form, rest assured knowing that this medication was designed with your pet’s health in mind!

Premoxil 550 Indications

Premoxil 550 is a powerful antibiotic medication that is used to treat a variety of poultry illnesses and diseases.  Some of the common indications for using Premoxil 550 include respiratory infections, gastrointestinal infections, urinary tract infections, skin infections, sepsis, meningitis, and many other bacterial infections.

One of the most notable features of this medication is its broad-spectrum activity against a wide range of bacteria. This means that it can effectively target different types of bacteria with varying levels of resistance to antibiotics.

Another benefit of Premoxil 550 is its fast-acting nature. It typically starts working within hours after administration and can provide rapid relief from symptoms associated with bacterial infections.

However, it is also essential to follow the recommended dosage instructions carefully to avoid any potential side effects or adverse reactions.

Premoxil 550 Dosage

The dosage will depend on the animal’s weight and medical condition. For instance, if you’re treating a chicken for respiratory illness using Premoxil 550 powder, the recommended dosage is one scoop per gallon of water.

For tablets, which are typically used to treat adult gamecocks and hens, the general rule of thumb is one tablet once a day for 3 to 5 days daily until symptoms improve. It’s important to follow your veterinarian’s instructions regarding dosing as well as any additional precautions during treatment.

It’s worth noting that overdosing may lead to negative side effects and even death. Always err on the side of caution when administering medications and never exceed recommended doses without consulting with a professional first.

As with all medications, it’s essential to store Premoxil 550 properly at room temperature away from light and moisture. Be sure also to check expiration dates before giving any medicine to your pet.

Understand that while Premoxil comes in both capsule and powder forms; each has its own specific dosage requirements depending on an animal’s size and medical needs. So always consult with your vet before administering any medication!

Possible Side Effects

While Premoxil 550 is an effective medication for treating a variety of illnesses and diseases, it’s still important to be aware of potential side effects. Some pets may experience mild to severe adverse reactions depending on their individual health conditions.

The possible side effects of Premoxil 550 can include diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite, lethargy, and allergic reactions such as itching and swelling. It’s important to monitor your chicken closely after administering the medication and report any unusual symptoms to your veterinarian.

In rare cases, some chickens may experience more severe side effects like liver damage or blood disorders. If you notice any signs of yellowing skin or eyes, fatigue or weakness lasting longer than usual, unexplained bleeding or bruising then contact your vet immediately.

It is also noteworthy that these are only possible side effects but not everyone experiences them. Always follow your veterinarian’s instructions when giving this medication to your pet in order to minimize the risk of potential complications.

Remember that while Premoxil has been proven effective in treating various ailments its use should always be monitored by a trained professional.


Proper storage of Premoxil 550 can help maintain its efficacy and shelf life. When storing this medication, it is important to keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Ideally, Premoxil 550 should be stored at room temperature between 15-30°C (59-86°F). It is not recommended to freeze or refrigerate the medication as extreme temperatures may affect its potency.

Another important factor to consider when storing Premoxil 550 is to keep it out of reach of children and animals. The packaging should be kept tightly closed at all times to prevent contamination and accidental ingestion.

If you have any unused or expired Premoxil tablets or powders, dispose of them properly according to your local guidelines for hazardous waste disposal. Do not flush medications down the toilet as they may contaminate water sources.

By following these simple storage guidelines, you can ensure that your supply of Premoxil 550 remains safe and effective when your animal needs it most.

Where to Buy

So, if you think Premoxil 550 is the right medication for your chicken’s condition, you can easily purchase it online or from your local veterinary supply store. You can also find it in local feed and poultry supply stores.

Always remember to carefully follow the recommended dosage instructions and consult with your veterinarian before administering any medication to your furry friend. With proper care and attention, hopefully, your beloved pet will feel better soon!

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