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Pekin Chicken Breed History and Characteristics

Welcome to our blog post on the captivating and delightful Pekin chicken breed! Whether you’re a seasoned poultry enthusiast or just beginning your journey into the world of backyard chickens, this breed is sure to capture your heart with its charm and personality. With their fluffy feathers and endearing personalities, Pekin chickens are not only visually stunning but also make wonderful additions to any flock. So, let’s dive into this breed profile and discover everything there is to know about these enchanting birds!

Pekin Chicken History and Origin

The Pekin chicken breed has a rich history that dates back to ancient China. Originating from the city of Beijing (formerly known as Peking), these chickens were highly valued and revered by Chinese royalty. It is believed that they first arrived in Europe during the 1800s, where their unique appearance and friendly nature quickly gained popularity.

Pekin chicken

Pekin chickens are descendants of wild jungle fowl, which gives them their distinctive characteristics. Their small size and fluffy feathers make them an adorable sight to behold. They come in various colors such as white, black, buff, blue, and partridge, allowing for a diverse range of choices when selecting your flock.

These birds have compact bodies with short legs and a rounded shape. Despite their petite stature, they are surprisingly heavy due to their dense plumage. The average weight of a Pekin chicken ranges from 7-10 pounds for males and 6-8 pounds for females.

Known for their docile temperament, Pekins are often gentle and easy-going around humans. They enjoy being handled and will happily follow you around the yard without causing any trouble. This makes them ideal pets for families with children or individuals seeking feathered companionship.

In addition to being wonderful pets, Pekin chickens also serve practical purposes on the homestead. Their meat is highly sought after due to its flavorful taste and tender texture. Furthermore, Pekins can be excellent broody hens who willingly sit on eggs until they hatch into adorable chicks.

Physical Characteristics

When it comes to the physical characteristics of Pekin chickens, some notable features set them apart. These chickens have a compact and rounded body shape. They have a fairly large size, with roosters weighing around 8-10 pounds (3.6-4.5 kg) and hens weighing slightly less at 7-9 pounds (3.2-4 kg).

In terms of height, they stand about 20-30cm tall on average. Their legs are short and stout, which gives them a low-to-the-ground appearance.

Pekin chickens come in various colors including white, black, buff, blue, and splash. The most common color is white due to its popularity in poultry shows.

As for their plumage or feathers, Pekin chickens have soft and fluffy feathers that give them an adorable appearance. Their feathers are thickly layered all over their bodies with ample feathering on their legs as well.

The physical characteristics of Pekin chickens make them easy to identify among other chicken breeds due to their round shape, unique coloring options, and dense plumage pattern

Behavior and Temperament

Pekin chickens are known for their docile and friendly nature, making them a popular choice among backyard chicken enthusiasts. These birds have a calm and gentle disposition, which makes them easy to handle and interact with. They are also quite sociable creatures, often enjoying the company of both humans and other chickens.

When it comes to behavior, Pekins tend to be curious by nature. They love exploring their surroundings and will happily scratch around in search of insects or tasty treats. You may even find them following you around the yard as you go about your daily tasks!

In terms of temperament, Pekin chickens are generally very tolerant toward children and can make great pets for families. However, like any chicken breed, individual personalities can vary. Some Pekins may be more assertive or shy than others.

It’s worth noting that while Pekins are usually friendly towards people, they can exhibit some territorial behavior when it comes to protecting their flock or nesting area. This is an instinct for many chicken breeds.

The behavior and temperament of Pekin chickens make them an excellent choice for both novice poultry keepers and experienced chicken enthusiasts alike! Their amiable nature adds charm to any backyard flock.

Pekin Chicken Uses and Purpose

Pekin chickens have a variety of uses and purposes that make them a popular breed among chicken enthusiasts. One of their primary uses is as show birds, thanks to their striking appearance and distinctive features. Their fluffy feathers, stocky build, and short legs make them stand out in poultry shows.

Another common purpose for Pekin chickens is meat production. Due to their large body size and plumpness, they are often raised specifically for their meat. Their tender flesh and succulent flavor make them a favorite choice for many culinary dishes.

In addition to being used for shows and meat production, Pekin hens are also valued for their egg-laying abilities. While they may not be the most prolific layers compared to some other breeds, they still produce a respectable number of eggs each year. These eggs are usually medium-sized with creamy white shells.

Beyond these practical purposes, Pekin chickens also serve as delightful backyard pets. They have friendly personalities and enjoy human interaction which makes them an ideal choice for families or individuals looking to keep chickens as companions rather than just livestock.

Whether it’s showing off their beauty on the exhibition floor or providing delicious meals on the dinner table, Pekin chickens offer versatility in terms of uses and fulfill various purposes depending on your specific needs or preferences

Pekin Hen Egg Production and Broodiness

Pekin hens are known for their excellent egg-laying capabilities, making them a popular choice among backyard chicken enthusiasts. These birds are consistent layers and can produce around 200 to 250 large brown eggs per year. With such products, you’ll have plenty of delicious eggs for your breakfast table!

When it comes to broodiness, Pekin hens have a moderate tendency to go broody. This means they may exhibit the desire to sit on a nest of eggs and hatch chicks. While this behavior can be endearing, it does affect their egg production as they will stop laying during this time.

If you’re looking to raise Pekins mainly for egg production, it’s best to discourage broodiness by regularly collecting the eggs from their nests. Providing comfortable nesting boxes with soft bedding and ensuring sufficient light in the coop can also help reduce broodiness.

However, if you’re interested in breeding or expanding your flock naturally, then allowing your Pekin hen to go broody could be advantageous. They make excellent mothers and will diligently care for their offspring.

Whether you want abundant fresh eggs or adorable fluffy chicks, Pekin hens won’t disappoint! Their versatility and charm make them an ideal addition to any backyard flock.

Pekin Bantams as Pets

Pekin Bantams make fantastic pets for chicken enthusiasts and families alike! These pint-sized chickens pack a lot of personality into their small frames. With their fluffy feathers, rounded bodies, and adorable appearance, it’s hard not to fall in love with these little chickens.

As pets, Pekin Bantams are known for being friendly and docile. They enjoy human interaction and can easily be tamed with regular handling from an early age. Their calm demeanor makes them great companions for children or anyone looking for a feathered friend.

One of the benefits of keeping Pekin Bantams as pets is their small size. Unlike larger chicken breeds, they don’t require as much space or resources to thrive. This makes them ideal for backyard flocks or urban environments where space may be limited.

Another perk of having Pekin Bantams as pets is that they are relatively low maintenance compared to other animals. They are generally healthy birds that don’t require extensive medical care or special diets. As long as they have access to clean water, quality feed, and a safe coop or run area, they will thrive.

In addition to their charming personalities and easygoing nature, Pekin Bantams also bring joy through their egg production! While they may not lay as many eggs as some other breeds, the eggs they produce are small but deliciously flavorful.

If you’re looking for a delightful pet that brings both beauty and entertainment to your home or garden without too much fuss – look no further than the lovable Pekin Bantam! These mini-chickens are sure to steal your heart with their cute antics and gentle nature

Final Words

The Pekin chicken is truly a remarkable breed that has captured the hearts of poultry enthusiasts around the world. With its unique history, charming appearance, and friendly temperament, it’s no wonder why these birds have become so popular.

Whether you’re looking for a backyard pet or a productive egg-laying hen, the Pekin chicken can fulfill both roles with ease. Their small size makes them perfect for urban or suburban settings, and their docile nature makes them great companions for children and adults alike.

So if you’re considering adding chickens to your homestead or backyard flock, I highly recommend giving serious thought to including Pekins in your selection.

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