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Modern Game Chicken Breed Profile and Characteristics

Are you a chicken enthusiast looking for a breed that is both elegant and impressive? Look no further than the Modern Game Chicken. With its tall stature, slender build, and bold personality, this breed has captured the hearts of poultry lovers around the world. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the history and physical characteristics of this stunning bird, as well as explore its different types and uses. And if you’re particularly interested in smaller breeds, stick around for our section on Modern Game Chicken Bantams! Get ready to discover all there is to know about these fascinating birds.

What is Modern Game Chicken

Modern Game Chicken is a breed of chicken that stands out for its elegance and stature. Originally bred to be fighting birds, they are now mainly kept as show birds for their impressive appearance. This breed is known for its tall stature, with roosters standing up to 30 inches tall! They have long legs and slender bodies, giving them an agile and graceful look.

Modern game chickens

The Modern Game Chicken also has unique characteristics when it comes to behavior. They are highly active birds and require ample space to move around freely. They love perching high off the ground, so providing plenty of sturdy roosts is essential. These chickens are very curious creatures with bold personalities; they’ll happily explore their surroundings without fear.

History and Origin of Modern Game

Modern Game chickens have a long and fascinating history that dates back to the early 19th century. The breed originated in Britain, where it was developed by crossing Old English Game fowl with various other breeds.

The primary goal of this breeding program was to create a chicken that had both beauty and fighting ability. As such, Modern Games became incredibly popular for cockfighting matches.

However, as laws against animal cruelty began to emerge in the late 1800s, cockfighting waned in popularity. This led breeders to focus more on developing Modern Games purely for their aesthetic qualities.

Despite its violent past, modern game chickens today are highly prized for their striking appearance and gentle demeanor. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, making them an excellent choice for backyard flock owners who want something out of the ordinary.

The history and origin of Modern Game chickens are proof that even a breed with a somewhat checkered past can evolve into something truly beautiful over time.

Modern Physical Characteristics and Behavior

Modern Game chickens are known for their tall and slender stature, standing at an impressive height of 28 inches! They have a muscular build that gives them a formidable appearance. Their weight ranges from 5 to 8 pounds, which makes them quite heavy compared to other chicken breeds.

These birds come in various colors such as black, blue, red, and brown. The feathers on their body are tight-fitting and glossy while the tail feathers are long and upright. Modern Game hens lay medium-sized white eggs with good frequency throughout the year.

The personality of modern game chickens is distinctive; they’re active and alert birds that love to roam free around the yard. They enjoy human company but can be aggressive towards other chickens if not introduced properly.

Their excellent physical characteristics make them great show birds, although they’re often used for ornamental purposes due to their unique appearance. Despite being bred mainly for aesthetics nowadays, modern game hens were initially bred for cockfighting centuries ago before it was banned in many countries as an animal cruelty act.

Modern Game Chicken Bantams

Modern Game Chicken Bantams, also known as Miniature Modern Games, are smaller versions of their standard-sized counterparts. They were developed by selectively breeding the smallest Modern Game chickens to create a bantam variety.

These birds have all of the same characteristics as their larger counterparts but in a more compact size. They still retain their upright posture and long legs, giving them an elegant appearance that is hard to resist.

One of the most notable features of these bantams is their striking colors. Their feathers can come in various shades such as black, blue, brown-red, silver duckwing, and many other combinations.

Despite being small in size, they lay decent-sized eggs for their body weight. However, being ornamental birds they are not usually kept for egg production purposes.

Their smaller size makes them ideal pets for those with limited space or who prefer birds that require minimal care. With proper attention and care they can be easily trained to become friendly pets that love human interaction.

Modern Game Chicken Bantams are beautiful creatures that make wonderful feathered friends for anyone looking to add something special to their backyard flock or garden setting.

Different Types of Modern Game Chickens

Modern Game Chickens come in various types, each with its unique physical appearance and characteristics. One type is the Black Breasted Red Modern Game Chicken, which has a distinctive red breast and black feathers on other parts of its body.

Another type is the Brown Red Modern Game Chicken, which has a brownish-red plumage color. The Blue Modern Game Chicken has blue-gray feathers that give it an attractive appearance. On the other hand, the Birchen Modern Game boasts silver-white hackles and saddles with black tips.

The Lemon Blue Modern game chicken has lemon-yellow hackles and saddle feathers while its tail feather is deep blue. Additionally, there’s also the Crele modern game chicken breed that features golden-brown or dark copper hackle and saddle feathers combined with subtle gray-blue wing bows.

These different types have distinct characteristics that make them an excellent choice for poultry farming enthusiasts or backyard keepers who seek to add some diversity to their flocks.

Different Uses of Modern Game Chicken

Aside from being a show bird, the modern game chicken has various other uses. Due to its muscular build and agility, it is often used for cockfighting in some countries. However, this practice is banned in most parts of the world.

Modern game chickens are also bred as meat birds due to their flavorful and tender meat. They have been selectively bred over time to produce more flesh on their bones while maintaining their attractive appearance.

These birds can lay up to 200 eggs per year, making them an excellent source of fresh eggs for home consumption or small-scale production.

In addition, modern game chickens make good pets due to their friendly demeanor and ability to adapt well to different living conditions. They are highly intelligent creatures that enjoy human interaction and can be trained easily for obedience events such as agility courses.

Whether you’re looking for a competitive show bird or a functional farm animal with personality, the modern game chicken breed offers something for everyone. With its unique physical characteristics and rich history dating back centuries, it’s no wonder why these birds continue to captivate poultry enthusiasts worldwide!

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