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Leiper Gamefowl History and Fighting Style

The Leiper Gamefowl, long sought after and admired, has been a mystery to breeders and chicken enthusiasts alike. Known for their hardiness and strength, the original Leiper and Leiper Hatch have become an integral part of the Gamefowl world. This article seeks to uncover the mystery of the Leiper Gamefowl, as we explore their origin, history, characteristics, and fighting style.

Red Leiper Gamefowl
Red Leiper Gamefowl

History of the Leiper Gamefowl

The origin of the Leiper rooster breed is widely debated, but it is believed to have been developed by the namesake, William Leiper, in the late 1800s. Leiper, a respected breeder in Scotland, is said to have started the Leiper well over a century ago. The Leiper is a cross of two breeds, the original Leiper and the Leiper Hatch. The original Leiper is a mix of a long-tailed Aseel and a short-tailed Aseel, while the Leiper Hatch is a cross between several Asil bloodlines, the original Leiper, and Hatch.

These combative breeds are now sought after by gamefowl breeders all over the world, due to their reputation for being fast and powerful. The Leiper Gamefowl also have a reputation for being very intelligent, making them ideal for training and competing in cockfights. Over the years, the Leiper Gamefowl have been selectively bred to create the modern version of the breed that we know today. It is this perseverance and attention to detail in breeding that have led to the Leiper Gamefowl’s reputation as one of the most formidable gamefowl breeds in the world.

Characteristics of The Leiper Gamefowl

The Leiper Gamefowl is one of the most popular and sought-after breeds of fighting chickens in the world. It is known for its strong fighting spirit, grandeur, and vigor. Its muscular body and its unique feathers set it apart from other roosters.

The original Leiper is considered to be the most desirable of the two Leiper bloodlines. Its large stature, full wingspan, and majestic tail feathers make it a sought-after champion in the world of cockfighting. The Leiper Hatch is a breed that is known for its agility, strength, and stamina. Their feathers are tightly packed, which makes them difficult to grab onto in a fight.

Both the original Leiper and the Leiper Hatch have excellent comb and wattles, which are indicative of their breeding and skill. Leipers have solid legs that can carry their hefty weight, as well as sharp spurs that allow them to inflict heavy damage during a fight.

No matter which breed of Leiper rooster you choose, they will make a fine addition to any fighting team. Their strength, agility, and keenness make for a wonderful fighting bird and an even better companion.

Physical Appearance

Leipers are iconic figures in the gamefowl world. These magnificent birds are known for their impressive size and vibrant feathers. The Leiper Rooster is an especially impressive specimen, boasting an average weight of 8-10 lbs and a majestic crest of feathers. The rooster’s tail and wings are also a spectacular sight, with long, powerful feathers that can span up to 2 feet. As for the Leiper Hatch, they often have a lighter coloration than the rooster, but they still share the same muscular physique. Both the Leiper Rooster and Hatch are considered some of the most stunning breeds of gamefowl out there.

Leiper Gamefowl Fighting Style

Leipers are very aggressive gamefowls and even stags will fight to the death. They are ground attackers but also high-flyers and have good timing when to strike. Leipers are priced for their endurance and stamina that’s why they are rare to find.

Questions Related to Leiper Gamefowls

What is the color of Leiper gamefowl?

The original Leipers are dark red but there are also other bloodlines resulting in different colors like grey Leipers. Today, it is difficult to identify pure Leipers from Leiper Hatch.

Are there any Leiper gamefowl in the Philippines?

Yes, there are breeders of both Leiper and Leiper Hatch in the Philippines. You can check out the list of Gamefowl Breeders.

Are Leiper hatch hens broody?

Most hens of fighting cock breeds are not broody. Breeders use incubators to hatch eggs so whether a Leiper hen is broody or not, there is not enough information on this.

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