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How to bathe game fowls with shampoo and Asuntol

Bathe a game fowl. Do you know that bathing a game fowl is not a complicated process? Lice and parasites in gamefowls are a very serious problem that could cause stress to your fighting cock. A stressed gamefowl could not concentrate and most of the time could lose in a cockfight.

In this article, we will explain the benefits of bathing our roosters with Asuntol and later with shampoo to rid them of lice and parasites, in this way we refresh them during the summer. With shampoo, we strengthen their feather, make them more flexible, and shiny, and with the matter, we rid them of the lice and paraffin that prevent our roosters from having a good fighting season.bathe-a-game-fowl

We start by mentioning the materials, we need Asuntol which we get in any veterinary clinic, shampoo, and 2 buckets with 15 liters of water.

Bathe Game Fowl: What is Asuntol?

Asuntol is a brand name manufactured by Bayer. It can control ticks, sucking and biting lice, fleas, depluming mites, sheep keds biting and sucking flies, fly larvae in wounds, and mange mites in all domestic animals, except cats.

First, we will pour about 150 milliliters of shampoo (any brand will do) in a bucket and mix, then we will spray the Asuntol in the other bucket and proceed to stir.

Now, what we must do once mixed is to put the body of the rooster in the bucket with Asuntol for at least a minute, it is very important to be careful not to put the head of the rooster in the water at any time.

Subsequently, we must immerse it and rinse it in the bucket with shampoo, we must not submerge its head and we must keep it there for another minute and then put it in a correlate to dry before putting it in its cage.

We must mention that in our cockpit we only bathe them during the summer, and we must mention it because we have seen that many do it in winter and the animals get very cold, so we recommend waiting for the heat to bathe our animals, remember that not only try to rid them of lice and parasites, we must also think about the comforts of our roosters.

I hope you find this simple guide useful, I invite you to share it and comment on suggestions, opinions, or questions, greetings!

You may also refer to the following related video. Although he is not using Asuntoil in the following video, the process of how to bathe the gamefowl is the same.

BatheGame Fowl: Questions related to Gamefowl Conditioning

What is pointing in Gamefowl?

Pointing fighting cocks is done three days before the fight. At this stage, the fighting cock must be fully conditioned and the main purpose of this stage is to make sure that they reach tip-top shape. Vitamins. Cockers agree that they still give their fowl vitamins during the pointing stage.

What do you feed gamefowl in keep?

Provide the cocks with a steady supply of grits from day 1 to 9 of the KEEP. Grits help the cocks digest the feed and keep the gizzard well-exercised. They remain in the gizzard for about a week. Thus, grits are withheld 5 days before the fight to empty the gizzard not only of feeds, but also grits, on fight day.

How do you relax a rooster?

One way to do this is to pick up the rooster and hold him steady, no matter what he does. Hold him there until he has been calm for 15 to 30 minutes. Then set him down. If, as you set him down, he resumes fighting, pick him back up and repeat the process.

How can I make my rooster stronger?

Roosters require higher protein and less calcium than laying hens. We recommend a separate diet of Purina® Flock Raiser® as rooster feed to help keep them strong. To do this, you can either feed roosters in a separate pen or raise one of the feeders so only the roosters can reach it.

What is Carbo-loading in Gamefowl?

Then there’s carbo-loading – a method used to boost the glycogen level of game birds. Soaked cracked corn or cooked table-grade rice is usually given during this stage of Pointing. During Keeping, the game birds are given 72 hours of rest before the time of the fight.

How often should you spar Gamefowl?

Your sparring days shall be Days 4, 10, and 15 during this 21-day keep. This will serve as your gauge as to which among your candidate roosters are most worthy of being fielded.

How do you flush Gamefowl?

For gamefowl, dissolve 1 tsp (3 grams) per gallon of drinking water from 15 to 30 days of age

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