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Gramapriya Chicken Breed: History, Origin, and Characteristics

Gramapriya chicken is a multi-colored breed of chicken used primarily for egg production in India. The breed was developed by the Poultry Project Directorate in Hyderabad. The breed is highly appreciated among farmers in India and is best suited for the preparation of typical ‘Tandoori’ type dishes.

Gramapriya Chicken Characteristics

Gramapriya hens are very good layers and are also excellent table birds. The breed begins to lay eggs at the age of 175 days and gains a body weight between 1.2 and 1.5 kg at 12 weeks of age.

Gramapriya-chicken – Image credit Exporters India

This breed of chicken has more immune power, less feed cost, and survives in most weather conditions.

Varieties of the Breed

There are two varieties of the Gramapriya breed: white and colored. The white variety is very good for egg production, and the colored variety is considered a dual-purpose breed. The white variety can lay up to 225 eggs in 72 weeks.

Appearance and Characteristics of the Gramapriya Chicken

The colored variety lays fewer eggs than the white variety but has a multi-color pattern that further enhances the beauty of the breed. They are always on the alert for their predators and are excellent dual-purpose birds, their eggs are brown.

The Temperament of the Breed

Gramapriya is a very hardy bird and adapts to various weather conditions. They are quite good at egg production and are considered a good dual-purpose breed. They are very hardy, active, and alert. And they adapt better in open field conditions.

The meat of the rooster is tender and especially suitable for the preparation of tandoori-type dishes. The overall performance of these birds can be further enhanced under free-range conditions with minimal supplemental feeding.

Gramapriya Chicken History

Gramapriya is a multi-colored breed of chicken developed by the Hyderabad Poultry Research Directorate in India. One of the main characteristics of this breed is the production of eggs.

The color of the eggs is tinted brown, and they are much heavier than the eggs of native Indian chickens. Therefore, one can get more income from the poultry farming business by keeping Gramapriyas on his farm than from other breeds of chickens.

Gramapriya Chicken as a Source of Income

The Hyderabad Poultry Research Institute has developed this breed of chicken to help to generate an additional source of income in rural India and combat protein malnutrition in vulnerable groups: pregnant women, mothers, and malnourished children.

As mentioned above, the egg weight of the Gramapriya hen is greater than that of any other breed native to India, weighing around 55 to 60 grams per unit.

This bird also has an excellent ability to adapt to any type of weather conditions, so adaptation in any area is very high.

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