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Gavilan Hatch Gamefowl Bloodline Profile

Are you a gamefowl enthusiast looking for the next addition to your collection? Look no further than the Gavilan Hatch Gamefowl. Developed by Johnny Wayne Stansell, this bloodline boasts not only stunning physical characteristics but also impressive fighting style and temperament. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the history, behavior, and where to find these prized birds. Get ready to discover why Gavilan Hatch Gamefowl is worth adding to your flock!

Gavilan Hatch Gamefowl History and Origin

Gavilan hatch roster

Johnny Wayne Stansell, a renowned gamefowl breeder from Texas, developed the Gavilan Hatch Gamefowl in the 1960s. The breed is named after a Spanish word for hawk and it’s easy to see why – these birds are fierce and agile.

Stansell created this bloodline by crossing his Sweater McGinnis broodcock with a Kearney Whitehackle hen. He then added some more bloodlines into the mix until he was satisfied with the resulting bird’s fighting style and physical characteristics.

Gavilan Hatch Gamefowl quickly gained popularity among gamefowl enthusiasts due to their impressive performance in cockfighting arenas. They were known for their agility, speed, and deadly attacks.

Over time, Gavilan Hatch Gamefowl has become one of the most sought-after breeds on Philippine game farms due to its outstanding fighting ability. This breed produces fast-cutting fowls that can take down an opponent within seconds.

Today, thanks to Johnny Wayne Stansell’s dedication and hard work, Gavilan Hatch Gamefowl continues to be highly prized among gamefowl enthusiasts around the world.

Physical Characteristics

The Gavilan Hatch Gamefowl is known for its stunning appearance and striking features. These birds have a compact and muscular build with an upright posture that exudes power and strength.

Their feathers come in various colors including black, blue, red, brown, white, or even a mixture of these colors. Their comb type varies from single-combed to pea-combed while their leg color ranges from yellow to greenish-yellow.

In terms of weight and size, Gavilan Gamefowl typically weigh around 2-3 kg depending on the gender. The males tend to be larger than the females with bigger combs and spurs.

The breed is also characterized by its aggressive nature which makes them excellent gamefowl fighters when bred properly. However, this aggression can sometimes lead to territorial behavior towards other fowls if they are not trained well.

The physical characteristics of Gavilan Hatch Gamefowl make it one of the most impressive breeds in terms of both appearance and fighting ability. It’s no wonder why this breed has become so popular among gamefowl enthusiasts all over the world!

Gavilan Hatch Gamefowl Behavior and Temperament

The Gavilan Hatch Gamefowl is known for its aggressive nature. These birds are bred specifically for cockfighting, so they have an instinct to fight and defend themselves. They are fearless in the ring, which makes them an ideal choice for experienced cockfighters.

Outside of the cockpit, Gavilan Hatch Gamefowl can be quite friendly with their owners. However, they may not get along well with other birds or animals due to their territorial and dominant nature. It’s important to provide these gamefowl with enough space and attention so that they don’t become overly aggressive or stressed.

As chicks, Gavilan Hatch Gamefowl require special care as they can be fragile during the first few weeks of life. Proper nutrition and a clean living environment will help ensure that these baby chicks grow into healthy adult birds with strong immune systems.

If you’re looking for a bird that is both fierce in battle but loyal to its owner outside of it, then the Gavilan Hatch Gamefowl may be just what you’re looking for. Just remember that proper care and attention are required to ensure your feathered friend remains happy and healthy.

Gavilan Hatch Gamefowl Crosses

Gavilan Hatch Gamefowl is a popular breed among gamefowl enthusiasts. Due to their desirable traits, they are often used for crossing with other breeds to produce superior fighting fowl. The Gavilan Hatch bloodline has been successfully crossed with different breeds such as Sweater, Kelso, and Roundhead.

The offspring of the Gavilan Hatch-Sweater cross are known for their power and speed. They possess excellent cutting ability and can deliver quick blows that can knock out their opponents in just a few rounds. Meanwhile, the Gavilan Hatch-Kelso cross produces birds that have both endurance and strength. These crosses feature high-accuracy strikes combined with lasting stamina throughout prolonged fights.

On the other hand, when crossed with Roundheads, the resulting offspring inherit their parent’s intelligence and agility in combat. They have great timing on counterattacks which makes them deadly even against larger opponents.

These crosses demonstrate how versatile Gavilan Hatch Gamefowls are when it comes to breeding purposes. Careful selection of its partner during the mating season based on what characteristics you want your offspring to obtain from each parent breed would result in highly competitive gamecocks fit for any battle arena!

Fighting Style and Aggressiveness

Gavilan Hatch Gamefowl is known for its high aggressiveness and fighting style. These birds are bred to be strong and fierce fighters, making them a popular choice among cockfighting enthusiasts.

Their aggressive nature can be seen from the moment they hatch, as they tend to peck at anything that moves around them. As they grow older, their natural aggression intensifies even more, making them one of the most challenging opponents in the ring.

In terms of fighting style, Gavilan Hatch Gamefowl is superbly skilled in using both their feet and beaks when attacking their opponent. They have quick reflexes and the ability to dodge incoming attacks while quickly counterattacking with precision strikes.

This breed’s fighting spirit is what sets it apart on the battlefield – they never back down from a challenge or show any signs of fear during a fight. Their determination and unyielding spirit make them formidable foes against any other gamefowl breeds out there.

Gavilan Hatch Gamefowl has certainly earned its reputation as being one of the toughest gamefowls out there today. If you’re looking for a bird that packs powerful punches and has exceptional combat skills – look no further than these incredible feathered warriors!

Where to Find and Buy Gavilan Hatch Gamefowl

Looking for a place to buy Gavilan Hatch Gamefowl? Look no further than Philippine game farms, Facebook groups, and even people from cockpits.

Gamefowl enthusiasts who are looking for quality birds can find them in Philippine game farms. These farms breed high-quality fowls that are sure to impress any buyer. They also offer various breeds and crosses so buyers have a wide selection of options.

For those who prefer the convenience of online shopping, there are now Facebook groups dedicated solely to buying and selling different types of gamefowl. Check out these groups to see if anyone is selling Gavilan Gamefowl near you.

One may opt to check with people from cockpits as they often know where to find the best Gavilan Hatch Gamefowl in town. However, it’s important to note that not all cockpit owners sell birds; some simply enjoy breeding or fighting them.

So whether you’re looking for a new hobby or just want to add another breed of gamefowl to your collection, consider buying Gavilan Hatch Gamefowl from any of these sources!

Final Thoughts

After exploring the history, physical characteristics, behavior and temperament, crosses, fighting style, and aggressiveness of Gavilan Gamefowl, it is evident that this bloodline has become a favorite among gamefowl enthusiasts. This breed’s remarkable traits have made them a formidable opponent in the cockpit.

However, we must remember that cockfighting is illegal in many countries and should not be promoted or participated in. It is important to recognize that these birds are meant to live healthy lives free from any form of cruelty or harm.

For those who seek to own Gavilan Hatch Gamefowl for breeding purposes or as pets, it is essential to only purchase them from reputable sources such as Philippine game farms or individuals known for their ethical treatment of animals. It is our responsibility as animal lovers to protect these special creatures and ensure they receive the care they deserve.

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