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Dan Gray Roundhead Bloodline Profile and Fighting Style

If you’re a fan of gamefowl breeding, then you’ve likely heard of the legendary Dan Gray Roundhead bloodline. Developed by the man himself, this breed has become synonymous with strength, agility, and power in the cockfighting world. But what sets these birds apart from others? In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at the history and origin of Dan Gray Roundheads, their physical characteristics, behavior, and temperament- everything you need to know about one of the most iconic breeds out there! So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s dive into the fascinating world of Dan Gray Roundheads.

Dan Gray Roundhead History and Origin

The Dan Gray Roundhead is a breed that has been around for quite some time. It was developed by none other than the legendary gamefowl breeder, Dan Gray. Born in 1933 in Georgia, Dan Gray had an early interest in breeding and raising chickens.

Gray began his breeding program to create a bird with excellent fighting ability, agility, and strength. He used various breeds to create what we know today as the Dan Gray Roundhead, including Sweater McGinnis bloodlines.

Dan Gray Roundhead

But it wasn’t just about creating a strong fighter – he also wanted birds that were aesthetically pleasing to look at. The result was a beautiful bird with rich red feathers and striking black tail feathers.

Dan’s hard work quickly paid off when he started winning cockfighting competitions left and right with his newfound creation. Over time, this bloodline became one of the most sought-after breeds among gamefowl enthusiasts.

Despite being illegal in many parts of the world today, cockfighting remains deeply ingrained in certain cultures. And while opinions on its ethics may differ widely across society- there is no doubt that animals bred for fighting require special care and attention if they are to thrive both physically and mentally.

Physical Characteristics

The Dan Gray Roundhead is a beautiful breed of gamefowl with distinct physical characteristics that set it apart from other breeds. These birds are known for their striking coloration, which includes bright red feathers and white underparts.

In terms of size and weight, the Dan Gray Roundhead is considered to be a medium-sized bird. On average, these birds weigh between 5-7 pounds and have a compact body type that is well-suited for fighting.

One of the most distinctive features of this breed is its comb. The Dan Gray Roundhead has a unique “pea” comb, which sits low on the head and doesn’t flop over as some other breeds’ combs do. This particular feature helps protect the bird’s eyes during combat.

Additionally, this breed has yellow legs that taper down to sharp spurs at the feet. Their leg color provides an attractive contrast against their bright plumage.

The appearance of Dan Gray Roundheads exudes strength and agility – qualities that make them formidable fighters in any competition they participate in.

Dan Gray Roundhead Behavior and Temperament

The Dan Gray Roundhead is known for its docile and friendly temperament. Despite being bred for fighting, this breed of gamefowl has a surprisingly mellow disposition. They are not easily agitated or provoked, making them ideal pets for those who prefer birds with calm personalities.

This breed can coexist peacefully with other fowls in the same pen without showing any signs of aggression towards them. They are also quite comfortable around people and enjoy human interaction. Their amiable nature makes them an excellent choice for families with children.

Dan Gray Roundheads are intelligent birds that learn from their surroundings quickly. As chicks, they show curiosity toward their environment and develop a strong sense of awareness as they grow older. This makes training them relatively easy.

Their gentle behavior does not diminish their natural hunting instincts; instead, it only adds to their fierceness during fights in the ring. The Dan Gray Roundhead is an excellent all-around bird – pet-friendly but still capable of defending itself when necessary!

Dan Gray Roundhead Crosses

The Dan Gray Roundhead is a highly sought-after bloodline in the world of cockfighting. With its impressive fighting style and winning track record, it’s no wonder why breeders want to cross them with other strains.

One popular cross for the Dan Gray Roundhead is with the Hatch bloodline. This combination creates a bird that has both power and agility, making it a formidable opponent in the pit. Another popular cross is with the Kelso strain, which results in birds that are faster and more aggressive than purebred Dan Grays.

Some breeders also opt to cross their Dan Gray Roundheads with other gamefowl breeds such as Sweaters or Leipers. However, these crosses can sometimes dilute some of the unique characteristics that make Dan Grays so desirable.

While there are many different options when it comes to breeding crosses involving Dan Gray Roundheads, it’s important to remember that not all combinations will produce successful fighters. It takes skill and experience to determine which strains will complement each other best and create offspring with excellent fighting potential.

Fighting Style

The Dan Gray Roundhead is a gamefowl breed known for its fearless and aggressive fighting style. They are highly skilled in close combat, and their quick reflexes make them formidable opponents in the pit.

Their fighting style is characterized by their ability to deliver powerful blows with precision and accuracy. They are also known for their agility, which allows them to dodge attacks from other birds.

In addition, the Dan Gray Roundhead has a high pain threshold, enabling them to take more punishment than other breeds of gamefowl. This trait gives them an advantage during prolonged fights where stamina plays a crucial role.

Another important aspect of their fighting style is their strategic approach to combat. The Dan Gray Roundheads are smart birds that can adapt quickly to changing situations inside the ring. Their intelligence makes it possible for them to anticipate their opponent’s moves and stay one step ahead at all times.

The Dan Gray Roundhead’s fighting style combines power, agility, endurance, and strategy – making it a highly successful breed in the world of cockfighting.


The Dan Gray Roundhead bloodline is a legendary gamefowl breed that has proven its worth in the cockfighting arena. This breed’s history and origin developed by Dan Gray himself have contributed to making it one of the most sought-after bloodlines among gamefowl enthusiasts worldwide.

The physical characteristics of this bird are impressive, with its unique color plumage, size, weight, comb type, leg color, and overall appearance. Its behavior and temperament make it an outstanding breed for breeding purposes as well.

When it comes to crosses with other breeds or strains of fowl, the Dan Gray Roundheads are often used as foundation birds because they bring strength and stamina to any crossbreeding program. Their fighting style is aggressive but controlled.

If you’re looking for a reliable bird that can withstand fierce competition while still being calm enough around humans then look no further than this fantastic gamefowl breed!

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