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Cowan Roundhead Gamefowl Profile and Fighting Style

Looking for a gamefowl breed that’s both fierce and beautiful? Look no further than the Cowan Roundhead Gamefowl! This eye-catching bird is known for its striking appearance, impressive fighting style, and strong survival instincts. In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into the history and characteristics of the Cowan Roundhead breed, explore related bloodlines and crosses, and examine their unique strengths in battle. Whether you’re an experienced breeder or simply curious about these fascinating birds, read on to learn all about Cowan Roundheads!

Cowan Roundhead History and Origin

The Cowan Roundhead is a gamefowl breed that originated in the United States. It was developed by Oscar Akins of Alabama, who inherited a family line of gamefowl from his grandfather. To create the Cowan Roundhead, Akins crossed his grandfather’s birds with other breeds like Hatch and Brown Red.

The result was an impressive bird with distinct physical characteristics like a pea comb, yellow legs, and an attractive color pattern of dark red feathers on the head and neck transitioning into lighter hues down to its tail. These striking features made it one of the most desirable breeds among cockfighting enthusiasts during its early years.

Cowan Roundhead
Cowan Roundhead

Over time, breeders continued to refine this already impressive fowl through selective breeding programs aimed at improving its fighting ability while preserving its unique features.

Today, Cowan Roundheads remain popular among gamefowl enthusiasts for their beauty as well as their strength and agility in combat. They are recognized for their fierce fighting style and high level of survivability in battle—a testament to how they have evolved over time thanks to careful breeding practices by dedicated breeders all around the world.

Breed Characteristics

Cowan Roundheads are medium-sized gamefowl with a muscular build and a sturdy frame. Males usually weigh between 5 to 6 pounds, while females typically weigh around 4 to 5 pounds. They have strong legs that are usually yellow or white in color and paired with sharp talons for fighting.

The breed is known for its striking black-red plumage coloration, which gives them an imposing appearance inside the pit. The feathers on their backs have an iridescent sheen under bright light, making them all the more stunning.

Cowan Roundheads sport straight combs that range from small to medium-sized. Like most gamefowl breeds, they also possess fierce and aggressive behavior towards other roosters and even humans at times.

Interestingly enough, Cowan Roundheads can be quite gentle towards hens as long as they don’t feel threatened by another male’s presence. Breeders of this bloodline often appreciate their loyalty to their mates once bonded together.

Cowan Roundhead gamefowl exhibits impressive physical characteristics combined with a bold personality that makes them stand out among other breeds within the cockfighting community.

Cowan Roundhead Crosses and Related Bloodlines

Cowan Roundhead fowl are known for their aggressive fighting style and strength. Their popularity has led to the creation of many crosses with other breeds, resulting in a variety of bloodlines.

One popular cross is the Cowan Brown Red, which combines the Cowan Roundhead with a Brown Red hen. The offspring typically exhibit excellent fighting ability and stamina.

Another commonly seen cross is the Sweater-Cowan, which mixes the traits of both breeds to create an all-around fighter. These birds are particularly effective at close-range combat.

Other related bloodlines include crosses with Hatch, Kelso, Claret, and Greyfowl. Each breed brings its own unique characteristics to the table when mixed with Cowans.

However, it’s important to note that not all crosses will be successful in producing high-quality fighters. It takes time and effort to experiment and find the right combination of breeds for optimal results.

Cowan Roundheads have been successfully bred with various other gamefowl lines over time. Successful breeding requires patience as well as knowledge about each respective lineage’s strengths and weaknesses – ultimately determining whether they make worthy additions or not!

Fighting Style and Survivability

When it comes to fighting style, Cowan Roundheads are known for being aggressive and dominant in the ring. They are quick on their feet and have excellent accuracy when striking their opponents. Their agility is also a key factor in their success as they can dodge attacks from other gamefowl.

As far as survivability goes, Cowan Roundheads rank high among other gamefowl breeds. They have excellent endurance which allows them to last longer in fights compared to other breeds. Since they were originally bred for cockfighting, they have developed strong survival instincts that enable them to adapt quickly during battles.

Cowan Roundheads’ physical characteristics such as their muscular build and sharp beaks contribute significantly to their survivability. Their strength allows them to withstand heavy blows from opponents while their sharp beaks help deliver fatal strikes.

Despite having notable fighting skills, it’s important to note that animal cruelty is unacceptable under any circumstance. Cockfighting has been banned in many countries because of its cruel nature towards animals. If you’re interested in learning more about Cowan Roundheads or gamefowl breeding without promoting animal cruelty, there are plenty of resources available online where you can do so ethically and responsibly.

Is Cowan Roundhead Rare?

The Cowan Roundhead is considered to be a rare breed of gamefowl. Although it has not reached the point of extinction, its scarcity has made it quite special among gamefowl enthusiasts.

One reason for its rarity is that the breeding and selection process for this particular breed requires time, patience, and expertise. It takes years to develop a good line of Cowan Roundheads with consistent characteristics such as their weight, colors, leg color, comb type, and behavior.

Another factor contributing to its rarity is that many breeders tend to focus on more popular breeds when it comes to fighting fowls. This means that fewer people are willing or able to invest in developing and maintaining a line of Cowan Roundheads.

However, this doesn’t mean that the Cowan Roundhead lacks quality or competitiveness in the cockfighting arena. In fact, some experienced breeders consider them as one of their top choices due to their excellent fighting style and survivability.

While they might not be widely available compared to other gamefowl breeds out there in the market today – owning a purebred Cowan roundhead could certainly prove you’re an experienced breeder who’s dedicated enough towards this specific bloodline.


The Cowan Roundhead is a breed of gamefowl that boasts a long history and rich heritage. Its unique characteristics make it stand out from other breeds, such as its weight, coloration, comb type, and leg color. The Cowan Roundhead has also proven to be an excellent choice for crossbreeding with other gamefowl bloodlines.

While they were primarily bred for cockfighting purposes in the past, these days they are often kept as ornamental birds or even pets due to their attractive appearance and friendly temperament. However, their fighting abilities must not be forgotten as this breed has proven time and again that it possesses incredible strength and survivability.

Despite being relatively rare compared to some other gamefowl breeds, Cowan Roundheads continue to gain popularity among enthusiasts around the world due to their historic significance and beauty. Whether you’re interested in breeding them for sport or keeping them as backyard companions, there’s no denying that these birds are truly one-of-a-kind!

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