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12 Breeds of Chickens with Feathered Feet (With Pictures)

Have you ever seen a chicken with feathered feet? These unique birds are truly a sight to behold. Not only are they beautiful, but they also have some interesting traits that set them apart from other chickens. In this blog post, we’ll explore the world of chickens with feathered feet, including why they have this unusual feature and what makes them special. We’ll also introduce 12 different breeds of these fascinating chickens and discuss some of the challenges in raising them. So if you’re curious about these fluffy-footed fowl, read on!

Why Some Chickens Have Feathered Feet

There are a few different theories about why some chickens have feathered feet, but the most widely accepted one is that it’s simply a genetic trait. Feathered feet are caused by an autosomal gene, which means that it can be passed down from either parent to their offspring.

Some experts believe that feathered feet may have originally evolved as a way for chickens to cope with cold climates. The feathers on their legs and feet would provide extra insulation against the cold ground and help keep them warm.

Another theory is that feathered feet were bred into certain chicken breeds for ornamental purposes. Some people simply find them more attractive than plain-legged chickens!

Regardless of how they came to be, there’s no denying that chickens with feathered feet are unique and eye-catching birds. And while they may require a bit of extra care (more on that later), many chicken enthusiasts consider them well worth the effort!

What Makes Chickens with Feathered Feet Special

Chickens with feathered feet are a special breed that stands out from the rest. They have an elegant appearance and unique characteristics that make them interesting to raise. One of the most notable features of these chickens is their feathers, which cover their feet down to their toes.

Their feathered feet serve as natural insulation during cold weather, keeping them warm and protected from frostbite. It also makes them more resistant to parasites since it’s harder for mites or lice to hide in dense plumage.

Aside from their physical appearance, chickens with feathered feet have distinctive personalities too. They tend to be calm and gentle creatures, making them excellent pets for children or first-time chicken owners.

Moreover, they are very sociable birds who enjoy interacting with humans and other animals alike. They can even bond deeply with their caretakers when given enough attention and affection.

What makes chickens with feathered feet so special is not just how they look but also how they behave toward people. Anyone who wants a lovely pet that’s both beautiful and friendly should consider raising one of these extraordinary birds!

Are Chickens with Feathered Feat Rare and Expensive?

Chickens with feathered feet are not necessarily rare, but they can be difficult to find in some areas. While this type of chicken is not as common as other breeds, there are still many different types of chickens that have feathers on their feet.

The price of a chicken with feathered feet varies depending on the breed and where you buy it from. Some breeds may cost more than others due to their rarity or popularity. However, for most backyard chicken enthusiasts, the price difference between a chicken with feathered feet and one without is minimal.

If you’re interested in buying chickens with feathered feet, it’s important to do your research beforehand so that you know what to expect regarding pricing. Local breeders or hatcheries may offer better prices compared to online sellers who charge extra for shipping fees.

While some breeds of chickens with feathered feet may be more expensive than others due to their scarcity or demand, generally speaking, these types of birds are relatively affordable for most people looking for unique additions to their flock.

1. Barbu d’Uccle (Belgian d’Uccle)

Barbu d’Uccle, also known as Belgian d’Uccle, is a breed of chicken that originated in Belgium. This chicken with feathered feet is a small size and can be kept both for ornamental purposes and for meat production.

The Barbu d’Uccle comes in various colors such as Mille Fleur, Porcelain, Black, White, Blue Mottled, and many more. They are characterized by their excellent temperament and make great pets due to being docile birds.

Barbu d’Uccle

This particular breed is well suited to living in smaller spaces such as backyards or gardens due to its small size. Although they are not prolific egg layers like other breeds of chickens, they still lay decent eggs at an average rate of 160-200 per year.

One thing that sets Barbu d’Uccles apart from other chickens with feathered feet is their unique appearance. They have beautiful plumage on their bodies and legs which makes them stand out from the rest.

If you’re looking for a friendly and attractive addition to your backyard flock that won’t take up too much space then the Barbu d’Uccle could be the perfect choice!

2. Beijing You (Beijing Fatty Chicken)

Beijing You, also known as Beijing Fatty Chicken, is a breed of chicken that originated in China. It is characterized by its feathered feet and short legs, giving it a round and plump appearance.

This breed of chicken is highly sought after for its meat, which is considered to be flavorful and tender. In fact, it has been bred specifically for meat production since the Ming Dynasty.

beijing-you-chickens with feathered feet
Beijing You

One interesting aspect of the Beijing You is its unique feeding method. Traditionally, these chickens are fed a special diet consisting mainly of cornmeal and soybeans mixed with water to form small balls. These balls are then hand-fed to the chickens multiple times each day.

In addition to being raised for their meat, Beijing You chickens are also kept as ornamental birds due to their distinctive appearance. They have even become popular show birds in recent years.

The Beijing You chicken may not be as common as some other breeds with feathered feet but remains an important part of Chinese culture and cuisine.

3. Booted Bantam

The Booted Bantam is a unique breed of chicken that originated in the Netherlands. These chickens are known for their feathered feet, which resemble boots. They are also called Dutch Booted Bantams or Sabelpoots.

Dutch Booted Bantam

Booted Bantams come in various colors, including black, blue, buff, white, and mottled. Their small size makes them perfect for backyard flocks and they make great pets due to their friendly personalities.

One interesting fact about Booted Bantams is that they were once used as fighting birds in Europe. However, this practice has been banned and now these birds are mainly kept for ornamental purposes.

These chickens require little maintenance but do need extra care when it comes to their feathered feet. It’s important to keep their living area clean to prevent infection or injury.

The Booted Bantam is an excellent choice for those who want a unique and charming breed of chicken with feathered feet as part of your flock!

4. Brahma

Brahma chickens are large and imposing birds that originated in the United States. They have feathered feet, which makes them popular among chicken enthusiasts.

What sets Brahma chickens apart from other breeds is their size – they can weigh up to 12 pounds! Their feathers come in a variety of colors, including white, black, and buff. They also have a pea comb, which means they’re better suited for colder climates.

Brahma roosters

One advantage of raising Brahmas is that they’re docile and friendly birds. This makes them great pets for families with children who want to learn how to care for animals. They also do well in confinement since they don’t require as much space as some other breeds.

However, one challenge of raising Brahmas is that they’re slow growers and take longer than most chickens to mature. Additionally, their massive size means they consume more feed compared to smaller breeds.

Brahma chickens are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a gentle giant pet or wanting eggs from a breed with unique characteristics like feathered feet and pea combs.

5. Cochin

Cochin chickens with feathered feet are a popular ornamental breed in the United States. Originally bred for meat and eggs, these birds are now known for their beautiful plumage and docile temperament.

Their large size makes them a great addition to any backyard flock, but they do require ample space due to their heavyset bodies. Cochin chickens come in several colors including black, white, blue, buff, and red.

Cochin Roster
Cochin Roster

One of the most unique features of the Cochin chicken is its feathers. Their dense feathering covers not only their legs but also extends down onto their toes.

Despite being an ornamental breed, Cochins still lay around 150 medium-sized brown eggs per year. They are also excellent brooders which makes them ideal for hatching out other types of chicks or ducklings.

Cochin chickens make wonderful pets due to their friendly demeanor and stunning appearance. However, they may not be suitable for those who have limited space as they require adequate room to roam and dust bathe.

6. Croad Langshan

Croad Langshan is a breed of chicken that originated in China. It was introduced to England in the mid-1800s and quickly became popular for its meat and egg production. The Croad Langshan is known for its tall, elegant stature, with a black glossy plumage that shines iridescently when caught by the light.

Croad Langshan

One of the most striking features of the Croad Langshan is its feathered feet. This gives them an added charm, making them stand out from other breeds. Their feathers are soft and delicate-looking, contributing to their overall graceful appearance.

The Croad Langshan takes longer than other breeds to mature, but it’s worth waiting for as they tend to be larger than many other pure-bred chickens. They lay large brown eggs at about 22-24 weeks of age, making it ideal for those who want meat and egg-laying capabilities.

This breed also has a calm temperament which makes them easy to handle; this feature makes them ideal backyard pets or showbirds! However, despite being docile creatures, they still require proper care such as adequate space and protection from predators.

If you are looking for an attractive bird with good productivity stats while having feathered feet adding unique beauty points then look no further than the elegant Croad Langshan!

7. Faverolle

The Faverolle chicken breed is a French heritage breed that has been around for centuries. It’s known for its gentle and friendly nature, which makes it an excellent option for backyard flocks. These birds are medium-sized with feathered feet and fluffy cheeks, giving them a unique look.

5 toed chicken breed
Salmon Faverolles

One of the most distinctive features of the Faverolle is their coloring. They come in several colors, including Salmon, White, Black, Blue Salmon, Cuckoo Salmon, and Ermine (pure white). Their feathers tend to be soft and downy to the touch because they have extra fluff underneath their primary feathers.

Faverolles are also known for their egg-laying capabilities. They lay large brown eggs regularly throughout the year and can produce up to 180-200 eggs per year on average! Additionally, these chickens make great mothers who are very nurturing toward their baby chicks.

If you’re looking for a friendly bird that lays plenty of eggs while also adding some unique flair to your flock with its feathered feet and fluffy appearance – then the Faverolle could be an excellent choice!

8. French Maran

French Marans are a breed of chickens that originated in France. They are known for their feathered feet and dark brown eggs, which range from deep chocolate to almost black in color. These birds are medium-sized with glossy black feathers and copper hackles.

French or Black Cooper Marans

One unique feature of the French Maran is its ability to withstand cold temperatures due to its thick feathering. This makes them an ideal choice for those living in colder climates who want to raise chickens.

The breed is known for being docile and friendly towards humans, making them a great addition to any backyard flock. However, they can be slightly skittish around other animals, so it’s important to introduce them gradually if you have other pets.

While French Marans are not as common as some other breeds on this list, they are still relatively easy to find at hatcheries or through local breeders. They do tend to be more expensive than some other breeds due to their rarity and popularity among chicken enthusiasts.

The French Maran is a beautiful bird with many desirable traits that make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a unique addition to their flock.

9. Frizzle

Frizzle chickens are a unique breed due to their unusual appearance. They have feathers that curl outward instead of laying flat against the body, giving them a fluffy and curly look. This trait is caused by a genetic mutation that affects the way the feathers grow.

The Frizzle chicken is small in size and has a friendly disposition, making it an excellent choice for backyard flocks. They come in various colors like black, blue, white, buff, and red.

Frizzle Chicken
Frizzle Chicken

This breed requires special attention because of its feather structure, which makes it susceptible to parasites and cold weather conditions. Their feathers can easily get matted or dirty if not cared for properly.

Frizzles are good egg layers despite their small size; they lay around three eggs per week. However, they tend to go broody often when there are no eggs to hatch or raise chicks.

In terms of temperament, Frizzles are known for being docile birds with friendly personalities towards humans and other chickens alike. However, some roosters may become aggressive during mating season.

Frizzle chickens are fascinating birds that would make an excellent addition to any flock due to their unique appearance and laid-back personality. Just be sure you’re willing to give them extra care before adding them to your group!

10. Pekin Bantam

Pekin Bantams are small chickens with feathered feet and rounded bodies, making them one of the cutest breeds to keep as pets. They originated in China during the 1800s and were first imported into the UK in 1860 before being introduced to other parts of Europe.

Pekin Bantam

These chickens have a sweet disposition, which makes them an ideal choice for families with young children. They also do well when kept in pairs or groups since they enjoy the company.

One unique characteristic of Pekin Bantams is their short legs, which make them look like they are waddling when they walk. Their feathers extend down their toes, giving them a fluffy appearance that’s hard to resist.

Pekin Bantams come in many colors including black, blue, buff, white and more. They can be quite vocal at times despite their small size and often make a pleasant clucking noise while exploring your backyard or garden.

If you’re looking for an affectionate chicken breed that will brighten up your day with its adorable looks and engaging personality traits – then Pekin Bantam might just be what you need!

11. Silkie

Silkies are a unique breed of chicken with feathered feet that originated from China. They have a distinctive appearance with their fluffy feathers and black skin, which makes them stand out in any flock.

Apart from their looks, Silkies are also known for their calm and friendly nature, making them ideal pets for families with children. They are not good layers but still produce small eggs that can be used for cooking or hatching.

White and Buff Silkies black chicken meat
White and Buff Silkies

Another interesting fact about Silkies is that they are often used as brooders because they enjoy sitting on eggs until they hatch into chicks. This trait has earned them the nickname “little mother hen” among backyard chicken enthusiasts.

However, it’s important to note that due to their fluffy feathers, Silkies require regular grooming to prevent matting and hygiene issues. Additionally, their unique features make them more susceptible to predators such as rats or snakes.

Silkie chickens make great additions to any backyard flock thanks to their adorable appearance and gentle temperament. With proper care and attention, these feather-footed beauties will provide endless entertainment and joy for years to come!

12. Sultan

The Sultan chicken is the epitome of elegance with its majestic appearance and feathered feet. Its history dates back to ancient Turkey, where it was kept by Ottoman Sultans for its ornamental value.


Sultan chickens are small in size, weighing only about 2-3 pounds on average. They have a unique appearance with a crest flowing over the head and a beard-like feature under their beak. Their feathers are soft and fluffy, providing an almost cushion-like feel when touched.

These birds are not ideal for meat or egg production as they lay fewer eggs than other breeds and take longer to reach maturity. However, if you’re looking for a beautiful addition to your backyard flock that will turn heads, then the Sultan chicken is worth considering.

One thing to note is that due to their delicate nature and small size, these birds require extra care compared to larger breeds. They need protection from cold weather conditions as well as predators such as hawks or cats.

If you’re looking for an ornamental bird that’s both strikingly beautiful and gentle-natured, then the Sultan chicken might just be what you’ve been searching for!

Some Challenges in Raising Chickens with Feathered Feat

Raising chickens with feathered feet may seem like a unique and fun experience, but it comes with its own set of challenges. One of the main issues is keeping their feathers clean. The feathers tend to pick up dirt and debris easily, which can lead to infections or other health problems if not addressed promptly.

Another challenge is finding suitable living conditions for these types of chickens. They require more space than regular breeds due to their feathered feet, as they need room to move around without getting tangled in their own feathers. Additionally, they do better in coops that are well-ventilated and kept dry.

Feather-footed chickens also require special attention when it comes to grooming. Regular trimming of the feathers around their feet is necessary to prevent them from becoming too long and causing discomfort or even injury.

Breeding these types of chickens can be difficult due to genetic factors that can cause deformities or other health issues in offspring.

Despite the challenges involved in raising feather-footed chickens, many people find them worth the effort for their unique appearance and friendly personalities.

Is the Chicken with Feathers Feet Right for You?

If you’re considering raising chickens with feathered feet, you should carefully evaluate if they’re the right fit for your lifestyle and needs. While these birds can be charming and unique, there are some challenges that come with keeping them.

One factor to consider is space. Chickens with feathered feet require a bit more room than their non-feather-footed counterparts due to their extra fluff. Make sure you have adequate space in your coop or run to accommodate them comfortably.

Another consideration is maintenance. Feather-footed chickens tend to get dirtier than other breeds since their feathers drag on the ground. This means they may need more frequent grooming or cleaning of their living area.

Additionally, it’s important to know that some feather-footed breeds are not as hardy as others and may require special care during colder months. Be prepared for potential health issues related to their feathery feet such as bumblefoot which requires regular checks and treatment.

While chickens with feathered feet can make delightful additions to any flock, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision about adding them to yours.

Final Words

Chickens with feathered feet are unique and fascinating animals that can make great additions to any backyard flock. With their charming appearance and docile personalities, they’re sure to win the hearts of chicken enthusiasts everywhere.

While there are some challenges involved in raising chickens with feathered feet, such as keeping their feathers clean and dry, most owners agree that the benefits far outweigh any difficulties. Whether you’re looking for a new show bird or simply want to add some variety to your coop, these birds are definitely worth considering.

So if you’re thinking about adding some feather-footed fowl to your flock, be sure to do your research first. Consider factors like breed characteristics, climate conditions in your area, and how much space you have available for them.

With careful planning and proper care, however, owning a chicken with feathered feet can be an incredibly rewarding experience. So go ahead and give one (or several!) a try – we guarantee you won’t regret it!

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