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Brunner Roundhead Bloodline Profile and Fighting Style

Are you a fan of gamefowl and interested in learning about different bloodlines? Look no further than the Brunner Roundhead. This particular strain of roundhead gamefowl has a rich history, unique characteristics, and an impressive fighting style. Whether you’re a seasoned breeder or just starting out, understanding the origins and qualities of this breed can give you an edge in raising strong and successful fowl. So let’s dive into the world of Brunner Roundheads!

The Brunner Roundhead Bloodline Origin

The Brunner Roundhead Bloodline is one of the most popular gamefowl breeds in America and around the world. This breed has a fascinating history that dates back to the early 1900s.

Brunner Roundhead gamefowl

The origin of this bloodline can be traced back to Ohio, where a man named Herman Pinnon bred and raised them. Pinnon was known for his expertise in breeding fighting cocks, and he developed several lines over time.

One of these lines was the Brunner Roundhead, which he named after his friend Johnnie Jumper’s farm where they were first bred. The line quickly gained popularity among cockfighting enthusiasts due to its impressive fighting abilities.

Pinnon continued breeding this line until his death in 1962 when it was passed on to Johnnie Jumper. Jumper continued raising Brunner Roundheads until his own death in 2011.

Today, many breeders continue to raise and improve upon this bloodline, making it one of the most sought-after breeds for cockfighting competitions around the world.

Brunner Roundhead Characteristics

The Brunner Roundhead is a gamefowl breed known for its unique physical features that make it stand out from other breeds. This bird has an impressive posture, with a broad chest and muscular legs that give it the strength to engage in combat. They are medium-sized birds, usually weighing between 5-6 pounds.

Their plumage is another distinguishing feature of this breed. Brunner Roundheads have tight-fitting feathers that give them a sleek appearance. The most common colors of this breed include brown-red and black-red.

In terms of behavior, these birds are known for being highly aggressive in the ring. Their fighting style includes powerful punches and quick footwork which can leave their opponents stunned if not defeated quickly enough.

While they may be fierce fighters, Brunner Roundheads also have a gentle side when raised outside of the ring. They are social creatures that enjoy spending time around humans and other fowl alike.

The combination of their impressive physical features and fighting prowess makes the Brunner Roundhead one of the most sought-after gamefowl breeds by both enthusiasts and professional trainers alike.

Brunner Roundhead Crosses and Other Strains

When it comes to gamefowl breeding, crosses, and strains are common practices. Brunner Roundhead bloodline is no exception. Breeders often cross them with other breeds to produce a more powerful fighter or enhance some of their physical attributes.

One popular cross is the Brunner Roundhead Kelso, which combines the aggressive nature of both breeds and produces an excellent fighter that excels in both short- and long-knife fights. Another favorite mix is the Brunner Roundhead Sweater, which has been known for its stamina and durability during battles.

Other breeders have experimented with crossing them with Spanish Game fowls such as the Yellow Leg Hatch or Blueface Hatch, producing remarkable fighters that can win through sheer agility and speed alone.

The Brunner Roundheads’ adaptability also makes them great for infusion into other established bloodlines like Claret, Leiper, or Grey fighting cocks. This versatility allows breeders to create new strains that possess unique abilities while maintaining some of their original characteristics.

Crosses and Strains play an essential role in gamefowl breeding practices worldwide. The possibilities are endless when it comes to mixing breeds like Bruner Roundheads with others; each cross can bring out exciting new traits in these magnificent birds!

Fighting Style

The Brunner Roundhead is known for its fighting style, which is a combination of speed and power. They are aggressive fighters that never back down from a challenge.

Their quick movements make them hard to catch, and their powerful legs enable them to deliver devastating blows to their opponents. This makes the Brunner Roundhead a formidable opponent in the pit.

Their sharp beaks and spurs also add to their lethality in the ring. They have been bred specifically for this purpose, with an emphasis on strength, agility, and fighting spirit.

Despite being fierce combatants, they are also intelligent birds that can adapt quickly to different situations in the pit. This allows them to outmaneuver their opponents and strike at just the right moment.

The Brunner Roundhead’s fighting style has made it one of the most sought-after gamefowl bloodlines among breeders and enthusiasts alike. Its unique blend of speed, power, intelligence, and aggression makes it a dominant force in any cockfighting arena.


The Brunner Roundhead bloodline is a highly sought-after strain of gamefowl with an impressive fighting history. They are known for their intelligent and aggressive fighting style, as well as their beautiful plumage and physical characteristics.

Many breeders have successfully crossed the Brunner Roundheads with other strains to create unique and formidable hybrids. However, it’s important to note that cockfighting is illegal in many areas, so always check your local laws before engaging in this activity.

Whether you’re a breeder or simply enjoy learning about different gamefowl breeds, the Brunner Roundhead should definitely be on your radar. With its rich history and impressive qualities, it’s no wonder why this bloodline continues to be popular among cockfighting enthusiasts around the world.

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