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Bobby Boles Asil Bloodline Profile and Fighting Style

Welcome to the world of Asil chickens, a breed that has been highly regarded for its fighting abilities since ancient times. Among the different strains of Asil bloodlines is the Bobby Boles Asil, which has gained popularity among enthusiasts and breeders alike. In this article, we will take a closer look at the history and characteristics of this rare bird. From its physical appearance to its unique fighting style, you’ll discover why Bobby Boles Asils are highly sought after in the gamefowl community. So sit back and get ready to learn more about these magnificent birds!

Asil Chicken History

Asil chickens have a long and fascinating history that dates back to ancient times. These birds were highly valued for their fighting abilities, which made them popular in the cockfighting rings of India and other parts of Asia. The word “asil” itself means purebred or highborn in Arabic.

Bobby Boles gamefowl
Bobby Boles Asil

Over the centuries, Asils spread across different continents as people traveled and traded with one another. They eventually made their way to Europe, where they became known for their impressive fighting style. In fact, many famous breeders from England and Ireland developed their own strains of Asils by selectively breeding them for certain traits.

Today, Asil chickens are still bred by enthusiasts around the world who appreciate their beauty and unique characteristics. While many countries have banned cockfighting due to animal cruelty concerns, there is still a strong demand for these birds among gamefowl breeders who keep them primarily as pets or show birds. Despite changes in society’s attitudes towards blood sports over time, the legacy of the Asil chicken lives on through dedicated breeders like Bobby Boles who continue to work tirelessly to preserve this remarkable bird’s heritage.

Bobby Boles Asil History and Origin

Bobby Boles Asil is a rare breed of gamefowl with an interesting history and origin. The breed was developed by Bobby Boles, who was known for his passion for breeding the best gamefowl.

Boles started breeding chickens in the 1960s and focused on creating a strain that would excel in both beauty and fighting ability. He used various breeds including Malay, Shamo, Brazilian, and American Game to develop this unique breed.

The Bobby Boles Asil has retained much of its original characteristics while also adapting to modern times. One notable feature of this chicken is its high endurance level needed during fights.

The Bobby Boles Asil is highly valued among gamefowl enthusiasts due to its rarity and fighting abilities. This breed has become increasingly popular among backyard poultry keepers as well.

Today, the legacy of Bobby Boles lives on through these magnificent birds which are still sought after by many. Their unique blend of traits makes them stand out from other breeds, making it no surprise they have become so popular over time.

Bobby Boles Asil Characteristics

Bobby Boles Asil is a rare and special breed of chicken that has distinctive physical characteristics. They are large, muscular birds with long legs and strong wingspan. The males can weigh between 6-7 pounds while the females weigh around 4-5 pounds.

The Bobby Boles Asil comes in several colors, but the most popular ones include black asil and red asil. Their feathers are smooth and glossy, and have a metallic sheen to them which makes them look majestic.

One unique feature that sets the Bobby Boles Asil apart from other breeds is their height. They stand tall at around two feet tall! This adds to their impressive appearance making it clear why they’re often used for fighting purposes.

In terms of egg-laying abilities, the hens lay medium-sized brown eggs. Although this breed was never intended for commercial egg-laying production or meat consumption; it’s still an added bonus to those who want both form and function in one animal!

Bobby Boles Asils possess some of nature’s most fascinating traits – strength, beauty & fortitude!

Asil Fighting Style

Asil chickens are not just any chicken breed. These birds have a rich history and an impressive fighting style that sets them apart from other breeds. Asil chickens were originally bred for cockfighting, a practice that is now illegal in many countries. However, the fighting spirit of the Asil chicken still remains.

The Asil fighting style can be described as powerful, aggressive, and strategic. These birds are known for their strength and endurance in battle. They use their sharp beaks and strong legs to attack their opponents with precision and speed.

During a fight, the Asil chicken will try to outmaneuver its opponent by dodging attacks before striking back with deadly force. The bird’s natural instincts make it an excellent fighter, but training also plays a crucial role in developing its skills.

Asil roosters need to be trained from a young age so they can learn how to fight effectively while conserving energy during long battles. This requires careful observation of each bird’s strengths and weaknesses so trainers can develop specific strategies based on individual traits.

The Asil fighting style showcases these birds’ unique abilities which earned them recognition around the world as fierce competitors in cockfighting circles even today where legal.

Why Bobby Boles Asil is So Rare

The Bobby Boles Asil bloodline is one of the rarest and most sought-after in the world of gamefowl breeding. But why is it so hard to find? One reason is that Bobby Boles himself only bred a limited number of these birds, which makes them scarce.

Another reason that this bloodline is rare has to do with its physical characteristics. The Black and Red Asil chickens are known for their tall stature, muscular bodies, and aggressive nature – traits coveted by gamefowl enthusiasts. However, breeding these chickens can be challenging because they require careful selection for desirable traits.

Furthermore, the popularity of other breeds such as American Gamefowl or Oriental Gamefowl has overshadowed the Asil breed in recent years. This lack of interest has led to a decrease in demand for purebred Asils like those from Bobby Boles’ line.

Strict regulations on cockfighting have decreased interest in this sport altogether which further reduces demand for purebred fowls like Bobby Boles’ strain.

Despite all these factors contributing to its rarity though –the fact remains that true aficionados still seek out the Bobby Boles Asil bloodline due to its exceptional fighting abilities and unique looks- making it an important part of poultry history today!


The Bobby Boles Asil bloodline is a rare and unique breed that has been carefully bred for centuries. With its distinct physical characteristics, fighting style, and colorful history, it’s no wonder why this breed has become so popular among chicken enthusiasts and gamefowl breeders alike.

Whether you’re looking to add a new addition to your backyard flock or simply interested in learning more about the rich heritage of this fascinating bird, there’s no denying the beauty and grace of the Bobby Boles Asil.

If you have any further questions or comments regarding these magnificent birds, please feel free to share them with us below!

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