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Black Copper Marans Breed Profile and Characteristics

Are you looking for a unique and beautiful breed of chicken to add to your flock? Look no further than the Black Copper Marans! With their striking appearance, friendly demeanor, and impressive egg-laying abilities, these birds are sure to be a standout addition. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the background and history of the Black Copper Marans as well as their physical characteristics, behavior and temperament, egg production capabilities, a rarity in the Philippines, and whether or not they’re the right fit for you. So grab your favorite drink and let’s get started on learning all about these stunning chickens!

Black Copper Marans Background and History

Black Copper Marans originated in the town of Marans, France, and were first bred in the mid-1800s. They were primarily used for meat production until their dark brown eggs caught the attention of egg enthusiasts.

The breed was officially recognized by the French Poultry Standard in 1931 and quickly became popular among European poultry keepers for its unique qualities. However, it wasn’t until they were imported to North America that their popularity truly exploded.

Black Cooper Marans Hens

Black Copper Marans have since become a favorite breed among chicken keepers worldwide due to their striking appearance, friendly temperament, and impressive egg-laying abilities. They are known for laying some of the darkest brown eggs out of any chicken breed!

While Black Copper Marans may not be as commonly found as other breeds in certain areas such as the Philippines, they remain a highly sought-after bird due to their rich history and unique features.

Purpose of Black Copper Marans

The Black Copper Marans is a breed of chicken that was originally bred in France for its dark chocolate brown eggs. The purpose of breeding this bird was to produce an egg with a deep, rich color that would stand out from other breeds’ pale or white-shelled eggs.

Aside from their ability to lay unique-colored eggs, Black Copper Marans are also prized for their meat. They have plump bodies and tender, flavorful meat which makes them ideal for those who want to raise chickens not only for their eggs but also for their meat.

In addition to being great layers and meat birds, the Black Copper Marans are also popular show birds due to their striking appearance and unique plumage. Their feathers have a coppery iridescence against black feathers that makes them stand out among other breeds in poultry shows.

The primary purpose of breeding Black Copper Marans is twofold: producing high-quality dark brown eggs and raising deliciously flavored meat. However, they are not only functional as farm animals but also appreciated by backyard enthusiasts because of their beauty and friendly personalities.

Physical Characteristics

The Black Copper Marans is a breed of chicken that boasts a striking appearance. They have beautiful black plumage with copper feathers on their neck and tail. This color combination makes them stand out from the rest of the flock.

In terms of size, they are considered to be medium-sized birds, with males weighing around 3-4kg and females weighing around 2-3kg. Their body is muscular yet streamlined, which gives them an overall elegant look.

Their legs are slate-colored, which adds to their unique appearance. They also have bright red combs and wattles, making it easy to identify them in your backyard coop.

One interesting physical characteristic of this breed is their feathered shanks and toes – something not commonly seen in other chicken breeds. It’s important to note that this feature can make it difficult for these chickens to move around freely in very wet or muddy conditions.

The Black Copper Marans’ distinct coloration, body shape, and feather features make them a visually stunning addition to any backyard flock.

Behavior and Temperament

When it comes to behavior and temperament, the Black Copper Marans are known for being docile and friendly. They are a calm breed that enjoys human interaction, making them great pets for families with children.

While they do well in confinement, they also enjoy free-ranging and exploring their environment. They have an adventurous spirit but won’t wander too far from home. This makes them easy to keep as backyard chickens.

One thing to note is that the roosters can be protective of their flock, so it’s best not to handle them too much or allow small children around them unsupervised. However, overall, both hens and roosters are generally quite easygoing.

Black Copper Marans don’t tend to be aggressive toward other breeds either. They often get along well with other birds in mixed flocks.

If you’re looking for a friendly and laid-back chicken breed that will make a great addition to your family or homestead without causing any trouble or drama – then the Black Copper Marans may just be what you need!

Egg Production and Broodiness

Black Copper Marans are known for their excellent egg-laying ability, making them a popular choice among backyard chicken enthusiasts. These chickens lay around 150-200 eggs per year on average, which is quite impressive compared to other breeds.

One of the defining characteristics of Black Copper Maran eggs is their dark brown coloration. The breed is famous for laying some of the darkest brown eggs in the world. This unique trait makes them highly sought after by chefs and foodies alike.

Despite their reputation as prolific layers, Black Copper Marans hens do tend to go broody from time to time. This means that they will become very protective of their eggs and may stop laying altogether until they have hatched a clutch of chicks.

If you’re looking for a breed that can provide you with plenty of delicious brown eggs throughout the year while also possessing an interesting history and beautiful appearance, then Black Copper Marans might just be the perfect choice for your flock!

Rarity and Availability in the Philippines

While the breed has gained popularity in other parts of the world, it is still considered quite rare in the Philippines.

As with most specialty breeds, availability can be an issue. It may take some time and effort to find a reputable breeder or hatchery that carries Black Copper Marans.

One way to increase your chances of finding these birds is by networking with other backyard poultry enthusiasts. Joining local groups or online forums dedicated to chickens may lead you to potential sources for Black Copper Marans.

Another option is to attend poultry shows and exhibitions where breeders showcase their birds. These events offer an opportunity not only to find Black Copper Marans but also to learn more about them from knowledgeable breeders.

It’s important to note that because they are rarer than other breeds, Black Copper Marans tend to fetch higher prices. However, their unique characteristics and egg quality make them a worthwhile investment for those who want something special in their flock.

While finding Black Copper Marans may require some extra effort compared to more common breeds, their rarity adds value and interest for those looking for something truly unique.

Is the Black Copper Marans Right for You?

When considering if the Black Copper Marans is right for you, it’s important to first understand its characteristics and temperament. These birds are known for their calm and friendly disposition, making them great pets for families with children.

If you’re interested in egg production, the Black Copper Marans may be a good choice as they lay around 150-200 dark brown eggs per year. However, keep in mind that they do tend broodiness which can affect their egg-laying capabilities.

It’s also important to consider space requirements as these birds are fairly large and need ample room to move around. Additionally, they require access to both indoor and outdoor areas as they enjoy free-ranging.

Availability should be considered when deciding on this breed. While not extremely rare, finding Black Copper Marans chicks or fully grown birds may take some searching depending on your location.

The Black Copper Marans can make great additions to a backyard flock or farm for those who have adequate space and are looking for friendly chickens that produce unique eggs.

Questions Related to Black Cooper Marans

Are black copper Marans good egg layers?

On average, a hen will give you around 3 eggs/week, which works out to around 150-200 eggs/year. This means that the Maran is an average layer in quantity, but the egg’s quality is said to be unsurpassed. The hens’ are said to be good setters and mothers but not overly broody.

What Colour eggs do black copper Marans lay?

Black Copper Marans average around 3 eggs each week. These eggs are a dark red/chocolate color but it can take up to 8 months until the Marans start laying. Interestingly the pigment that gives the egg its color is in limited supply from the chickens’ bodies.

What is the egg quality of a black copper Maran?

You still may get eggs that are darker on the egg chart, because these birds are still from very good bloodlines. Black Copper Marans lay the chocolatey-est, darkest, and best-tasting egg in the world! These birds are gorgeous, calm, and friendly. They don’t mind being picked up and are oh-so-soft!

How long does it take black copper Marans to start laying?

The majority of our Marans will begin to lay around 24-26 weeks of age. Allowing your pullets to adjust and become accustomed to their new home will keep them on track to lay around 24-26 weeks old.

What are the pros and cons of black copper Marans?

Pros: Dark brown eggs, a potential show breed, doesn’t destroy grass, better egg layers than I expected.

Cons: The hens are bullies to smaller chickens, and embryo development during incubation is difficult to detect. Black Copper Marans are one of the nicest breeds I have owned so far.

Final Thoughts

After learning about the interesting history, unique physical characteristics, and egg-laying capabilities of the Black Copper Marans, it’s clear that this breed is truly a one-of-a-kind bird. While they may be more difficult to find than other chicken breeds in some areas, their rarity only adds to their appeal for many backyard flock owners.

If you’re considering adding Black Copper Marans to your flock, be prepared for their strong personalities and occasional broodiness. However, with proper care and attention, these birds can provide you with plenty of beautiful eggs and hours of enjoyment watching them scratch around in your yard.

The Black Copper Marans is a fantastic choice for any backyard poultry enthusiast looking for an eye-catching and productive addition to their flock.

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