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Bennett Grey Gamefowl History and Fighting Style

tt GreyAre you a fan of gamefowl and looking for the perfect breed to add to your flock? Look no further than the Bennett Grey Gamefowl. This exceptional breed boasts a rich history, unique physical characteristics, and an impressive fighting style that will leave any opponent in awe. Developed by Bob Bennett himself, these birds are sure to impress even the most experienced breeder or enthusiast. So let’s dive into the fascinating world of Bennett Grey Gamefowl and discover what makes them so special!

Bennett Grey Gamefowl History and Origin

Bennett Grey Gamefowl is a breed that was developed by Bob Bennett, an avid gamefowl breeder. Bob had a passion for breeding and raising chickens, and the Bennett Grey breed was one of his crowning achievements.

Bob’s goal in developing this breed was to create a chicken that would excel in the fighting pit. He wanted a bird with strength, agility, and tenacity – qualities that are essential for success in cockfighting.

Bennett Grey Fighting Cock

The development of Bennett Grey Gamefowl took years of meticulous breeding and selection. Bob carefully chose birds with desirable traits to breed together, resulting in offspring that exhibited superior performance in the pit.

Over time, other breeders began taking notice of the impressive abilities of the Bennett Grey Gamefowl and started incorporating them into their own flocks. Today, this unique breed can be found all over the world and continues to be highly prized among gamefowl enthusiasts.

Physical Characteristics

Bennett Grey gamefowl is a medium to large-sized breed known for its impressive physical characteristics. These birds have an upright posture with broad shoulders and well-muscled legs that make them look powerful and intimidating.

One of the most striking features of Bennett Grey gamefowl is their beautiful coloration. They come in various shades of grey, ranging from light silver-grey to dark charcoal grey, which gives them a unique appearance that sets them apart from other breeds.

Their plumage is also worth mentioning as it’s dense and tight-fitting, giving them a sleek and streamlined look. The feathers on their wings are relatively short while those on the tail are long, flowing downwards elegantly.

The comb type varies among individuals but generally falls into three categories: pea comb, straight comb, or walnut comb. The leg color is yellowish-white or grayish-yellow depending on individual variations.

When it comes to weight, Bennett Grey gamefowl can weigh anywhere between 5-7 lbs (2-3kg) for hens while roosters can reach up to 8-10 lbs (4-5kg).

These striking physical characteristics make Bennett Grey gamefowl an admirable bird both in terms of aesthetics and strength.

Behavior and Temperament

Bennett Grey Gamefowl, known for their fighting ability, have a reputation for being aggressive and fierce. However, while they are bred for fighting, these birds can display docile behavior towards humans when raised properly.

As chicks, Bennett Grey Gamefowl require careful handling to promote good temperament. They need socialization with people from an early age to become comfortable around them. If not handled gently and regularly by humans during this period of growth, they may develop aggression towards people later in life.

Adult Bennett Grey Gamefowl typically exhibit confident personalities and assertive attitudes toward other chickens. These traits help them dominate in the ring but also make it challenging for them to coexist peacefully with other breeds.

While some breeding lines may be more prone to aggression than others due to genetic factors or environmental factors such as poor living conditions or neglectful care practices – each bird has its personality that can influence its attitude and disposition towards both humans and other fowls alike.

Proper socialization as chicks is key to ensuring that adult Bennett Grey Gamefowl possess friendly temperaments when interacting with their human caregivers outside of the pit.

Bennett Grey Gamefowl Crosses

One of the reasons why Bennett Grey Gamefowl is so popular among breeders is their versatility in crosses. These gamefowls can be crossed with other breeds to produce offspring that inherit desirable traits from both parents.

Some of the most common crosses include Bennett Grey x Albany, Bennett Grey x Hatch, and Bennett Grey x Kelso. Each cross produces a unique combination of characteristics that makes them formidable fighters in the ring.

The Albany-Bennett Grey cross, for example, is known for its agility and speed. The Hatch-Bennett Grey cross is prized for its power and toughness while the Kelso-Bennett Grey cross is renowned for its intelligence and fighting style.

Aside from being excellent pit fighters, these crosses also make great breeding stock as they pass on their superior qualities to their offspring. With careful selection and breeding practices, breeders can create new bloodlines that improve upon existing ones.

The Bennett Grey offers endless possibilities when it comes to producing high-quality game birds with winning potential in the cockfighting arena.

Bennett Grey Fighting Style

The bloodline’s fighting style is characterized by its agility, speed, and power which makes it one of the most formidable opponents in the pit. In addition, they possess an incredible sense of balance and coordination that allows them to move with great precision and accuracy.

The Bennett Grey gamefowl’s fighting style is very straightforward – they prefer to attack their opponent head-on with quick bursts of speed and powerful strikes. They are known for their ability to deliver devastating blows using both their beaks and spurs, leaving their adversaries badly injured or even dead.

One of the unique traits of this breed is its unwavering focus during fights; this trait enables them to maintain intense concentration throughout combat while also maintaining high levels of stamina. Their relentless aggression often leaves opponents feeling intimidated, as they never give up until victory has been achieved.

Another key aspect that sets the Bennett Grey apart from other breeds is its ability to adapt quickly during a fight. They have excellent problem-solving skills that allow them to analyze and adjust tactics mid-battle when needed.

The Bennett Grey gamefowl’s prowess in combat cannot be understated; it’s no wonder why many breeders seek out this line for breeding purposes!


The Bennett Grey gamefowl bloodline is one of the most sought-after in the cockfighting world. Developed by Bob Bennett, these birds have become a favorite among breeders and enthusiasts alike due to their impressive physical characteristics and fighting abilities.

While they may be aggressive, they are also known for their loyalty and intelligence. These birds also make great crosses with other popular gamefowl breeds.

If you’re interested in raising gamefowls or simply fascinated by them, it’s worth considering adding some Bennett Greys to your flock. With proper care and training, they can turn into ferocious fighters that will surely bring pride and victories to any breeder.

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