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14 Bearded Chickens and some with Muffs & Tuffs

Step right up and prepare to be amazed by the fascinating world of chickens with beards! Yes, you read that correctly – bearded chickens. These unique creatures sport tufts of fluff around their faces that make them stand out from their smooth-faced counterparts. But why do some chickens have beards, muffs, and tuffs? Is it purely genetic or are there other factors at play? In this blog post, we will explore the enchanting world of these feathered beauties and uncover what makes them so attractive. So hold on tight as we dive into the captivating realm of 15 bearded chickens, each with its distinctive appearance. Get ready to meet some truly one-of-a-kind poultry that will leave you in awe!

Why Some Chickens Have Beards, Muffs, and Tuffs

Have you ever wondered why some chickens sport fashionable beards, muffs, and tuffs while others don’t? Well, it turns out that there are a few factors at play. One of the main reasons is genetics. Certain breeds have been selectively bred over generations to develop these unique facial features. It’s all about those fancy genes!

But genetic makeup isn’t the only thing that determines whether a chicken will rock a beard or not. Environmental factors can also come into play. For example, colder climates often favor chickens with fluffy faces as the extra insulation helps keep them warm during chilly winters.

Another factor to consider is gender. While both male and female chickens can have beards, it tends to be more common in hens. The presence of bearded hens might seem unusual, but it adds an extra touch of charm to their appearance.

What Makes Bearded Chickens Attractive

Bearded chickens are undeniably fascinating creatures. What sets them apart from their clean-faced counterparts is their unique appearance, which adds a touch of charm and character to any flock.

One reason why bearded chickens are so attractive is their fluffy facial hair. The beard, also known as the muffs, consists of long feathers that grow around the chicken’s face, creating a distinctive frame. These soft and feathery adornments give bearded chickens an endearing and whimsical look.

In addition to muffs, some bearded chicken breeds also sport tuffs on top of their heads. These tufts resemble miniature crowns and further, enhance the bird’s appeal. Whether it’s a single tuft or multiple ones adorning its head, this feature adds an extra dose of personality to these already captivating creatures.

The variety in appearances among different breeds of bearded chickens is another factor that makes them alluring. From the Ameraucana with its full beard and vibrant plumage to the Silkie with its silky feathers and adorable crest, each breed showcases its own distinct charm.

Furthermore, beards can vary in size, shape, and color depending on the breed. Some have long flowing muffs that nearly cover their entire faces while others may have shorter but fuller beards that create a more compact look. The range of options allows poultry enthusiasts to choose from a wide array of visually appealing birds.

What makes bearded chickens attractive is not just one particular aspect but rather the combination of unique features they possess – from fluffy muffs framing their faces to regal tuffs atop their heads. Their beauty lies in their individuality and ability to capture our attention with just a glance.

14 Bearded Chickens and some with Muffs & Tuffs

1. Ameraucana

When it comes to bearded chickens, the Ameraucana is a standout. This breed is known for its stunning appearance and unique features. One of the most striking characteristics of the Ameraucana is their beautiful beard, which adds an extra touch of charm to their already handsome faces.

Ameraucana-Bearded Chickens
Ameraucana hen

The beards on Ameraucanas are made up of long, fluffy feathers that grow around their cheeks and under their chins. These feathery beards give them a regal look and set them apart from other breeds. It’s like they have a built-in fashion accessory!

In addition to their beards, Ameraucanas also have muffs – puffy cheek feathers that frame their faces. This combination of beard and muff gives them a distinctive and adorable appearance.

Another interesting feature of the Ameraucana breed is its wide range of colors. They come in various shades including black, blue, wheaten, lavender, white, and more! So not only do they have an impressive facial hair game but they also offer diversity in terms of color options.

2. Araucana

The Araucana chicken is quite an eye-catcher with its unique appearance. One look at this breed and you’ll see why it stands out from the flock! Known for its distinct beard, muffs, and ear tufts, the Araucana has a charm like no other.

Let’s start with their beard. It’s not your typical facial hair – we’re talking about a fancy feathered adornment that hangs below their beak. This fluffy feature adds an extra touch of elegance to their overall look.


Next up are those adorable muffs. These puffy cheeks give them a cute and cuddly appearance. The muffs also serve as protection against cold weather, helping to keep them warm during chilly winter months.

And let’s not forget about their ear tufts! These feathery tufts sprout from either side of their head, giving them a distinctive look that sets them apart from other chickens. Think of it as nature’s version of stylish earmuffs!

With all these unique features combined, it’s no wonder that the Araucana is often sought after by chicken enthusiasts looking to add some flair to their flock. Whether you’re an experienced breeder or just starting in the world of poultry keeping, these bearded beauties will certainly make heads turn.

3. Barbu d’Uccle

Barbu d’Uccle, also known as Belgian Bearded d’Uccles, is a charming and petite breed of chicken that will capture your heart with its unique appearance. These little chickens are true showstoppers in the poultry world.

One of the most distinctive features of Barbu d’Uccle chickens is their adorable beards. These fluffy facial feathers give them an irresistible charm that sets them apart from other breeds. The beards add character to their already cute faces and make them look even more endearing.

Barbu d’Uccle

In addition to their beards, Barbu d’Uccles also have muffs and tuffs. Muffs are feathered tufts on either side of their face, while tuffs refer to the puffy feathers on top of their head. Together, these features create a delightful combination that adds to the overall appeal of these beautiful birds.

These small-sized chickens come in various color varieties including Mille Fleur (speckled), Porcelain (white with blue-gray lacing), and Black among others. Their plump bodies and short legs make them resemble little balls of fluff wandering around your backyard.

4. Barbu d’Anvers

Barbu d’Anvers is a beautiful breed of bearded chicken that originated in Belgium. These chickens are small and compact, with a delightful appearance that sets them apart from other breeds.

One of the most striking features of Barbu d’Anvers is their unique beard, which consists of long feathers that grow around their face. This fluffy facial hair gives them a distinguished and regal look. Their beards are usually white or cream-colored, contrasting beautifully with their dark eyes and vibrant plumage.

Barbu d’Anvers Bantam rooster and hen

In addition to their beards, Barbu d’Anvers also have tufts on either side of their heads. These tufts add another layer of charm to these already adorable chickens. The tufts can vary in size and shape, giving each bird its personality.

The body type of Barbu d’Anvers is compact but well-proportioned, with short legs and a rounded shape. They come in various color varieties such as black, blue, cuckoo, millefleur (spangled), porcelain, quail (partridge), self-blue (lavender), and more.

Barbu d’Anvers chickens possess an irresistible combination of elegance and cuteness with their beards and tufts along with their charming personalities. Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching addition to your flock or simply want a delightful companion in your backyard, Barbu d’Anvers is worth considering!

5. Faverolles

Faverolles chickens are truly a sight to behold with their distinct appearance. These lovely birds have an abundance of feathers that not only cover their bodies but also create an impressive beard beneath their beaks. The Faverolle’s beard, combined with its fluffy muffs and feathered legs, gives it a charming and unique look.

One of the most striking features of the Faverolles is its beautiful plumage. These chickens come in various color variations, including salmon, cuckoo, black, blue, and white. Regardless of the coloration, they all share the same adorable fluffiness that makes them stand out among other breeds.

Salmon Faverolles

The Faverolles’ beards serve more than just aesthetic purposes; they also offer practical benefits for these birds. The extra feathers provide insulation during colder months and help protect against harsh weather conditions.

In addition to their attractive appearance and functional beards, Faverolles are known for being friendly and docile birds. They make wonderful additions to backyard flocks as they tend to get along well with humans and other chicken breeds.

Whether you’re drawn to their unique appearance or looking for a friendly addition to your flock, Faverolle chickens certainly won’t disappoint! Their bearded faces are sure to capture your heart while adding a touch of whimsy to your chicken coop.

6. Easter Egger

Easter Eggers are an exciting breed of bearded chickens known for their unique appearance. These birds come in a wide range of colors and patterns, making them a favorite among chicken enthusiasts.

Their fluffy beards and muffs add to their charm, giving them a distinct look that sets them apart from other breeds. The colorful feathers on their heads also contribute to their eye-catching appearance.

Pair of Easter Egger hens

One fascinating aspect of Easter Eggers is the variety of egg colors they lay. While most chickens lay white or brown eggs, Easter Eggers surprise us with shades like blue, green, or even pink! It’s like having your little rainbow in the coop.

These delightful birds are not recognized as an official breed by poultry organizations because they are a mixed breed that often includes Ameraucanas or Araucanas in their lineage. This genetic diversity is what gives them such striking appearances and vibrant egg colors.

Whether you’re looking to add some whimsy to your flock or simply enjoy the beauty of these bearded wonders, Easter Eggers are sure to captivate both children and adults alike with their enchanting appearances and colorful surprises every time they lay an egg!

7. Beijing You Hen

Beijing You Hens are a unique breed of chickens that catch the eye with their distinctive appearance. One interesting fact about these birds is that only the hens have beards, which sets them apart from many other bearded chicken breeds.

The beards of Beijing You Hens are quite impressive. They consist of long and fluffy feathers that grow beneath their chin, giving them a charming and almost regal look. These feathery adornments add an extra touch of elegance to these already beautiful creatures.

beijing-you-chickens with feathered feet
Beijing You

In addition to their beards, Beijing You Hens also boasts striking plumage. Their feathers come in various shades including black, white, blue, and gray. This array of colors makes them even more captivating to behold.

These hens are not just visually appealing but also carry historical significance in Chinese culture. The Beijing You Hen originates from China and has been raised for centuries as a symbol of luck and prosperity.

Whether you’re fascinated by their unique appearance or drawn to their cultural significance, it’s no wonder why Beijing You Hens stand out among other bearded chicken breeds. These lovely birds truly showcase nature’s diversity and beauty!

8. Sultan

The Sultan chicken breed is truly a sight to behold with its unique appearance. These bearded chickens have an extravagant crest of feathers that resembles a fluffy pom-pom atop their heads. The crest can range in color from white to black, adding even more charm to these already captivating birds.

With their small size and delicate features, Sultans are often considered ornamental chickens rather than utility birds. Their plumage is soft and silky, giving them an almost regal appearance. They have feathered feet and legs, which adds to their overall elegance.

Sultan chicken crested chicken
Sultan bantam

Sultan hens typically have shorter crests compared to roosters, but they still possess the same level of beauty. Their crests cascade down over their faces like a feathery veil, making them look even more enchanting.

These striking chickens are not only visually appealing but also gentle. They make wonderful pets for those looking for a stunning addition to their backyard flock or simply seeking companionship from these charming creatures.

9. Crevecoeur Hen

Crevecoeur hens are a fascinating breed known for their unique appearance. While only the hens have beards, this distinguishing trait sets them apart from other breeds of chickens. The beard is a tuft of feathers that grow beneath the chin and gives these hens an elegant and regal look.

Not only do Crevecoeur hens have beards, but they also possess other distinctive features. Their plumage is mostly black or iridescent green, which adds to their allure. With their sleek and shiny feathers, they truly stand out in any flock.

Crevecoeur- crested chicken

These beautiful birds were originally bred in France and are considered one of the oldest French poultry breeds. They were named after a village called Crève-Cœur-en-Auge, where they originated from.

In addition to their striking appearance, Crevecoeur hens are excellent layers of large white eggs. They are also relatively calm and docile birds, making them popular among backyard chicken keepers.

10. Brabanter

Brabanter chickens are truly eye-catching with their distinctive appearance. These birds have a bearded face, adorned with long, delicate feathers that frame their cheeks and chin. The beard gives them a regal and sophisticated look that sets them apart from other breeds.

In addition to their impressive beards, Brabanters also sport an array of beautiful colors and patterns. They come in varieties such as Silver, Gold, White, Black, Blue, and Cuckoo. Each one showcases its unique charm.

brabanter Bearded Chickens

The plumage of Brabanters is dense and fluffy, giving them a soft and elegant appearance overall. Their feathers are finely textured with intricate patterns that add to their allure. Whether you choose the striking silver or the captivating blue variety, these chickens are sure to catch your eye.

Another distinguishing feature of Brabanters is their crest – a tuft of feathers on top of their head that resembles a crown. This adds an extra touch of majesty to an already remarkable bird.

With their combination of stunning beards, vibrant colors, exquisite plumage patterns, and graceful crests – it’s no wonder why Brabanters are sought after by chicken enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty in every feathered detail!

11. Silkie

When it comes to bearded chickens, the Silkie breed is a standout. While most hens have beards, you may occasionally find a male with this unique feature as well. The appearance of the Silkie is truly one-of-a-kind.

Silkies are known for their fluffy feathers that resemble silk or fur. They almost look like little puffballs walking around your backyard! Their feathers lack barbicels, which are small hooks that hold typical bird feathers together. This gives the Silkie’s plumage an airy and soft texture.

White and Buff Silkies black chicken meat
White and Buff Silkies

Another distinctive characteristic of Silkies is their black skin and bones. Yes, you read that right – these chickens have dark-colored flesh! From head to toe, they are covered in blackness, including their meat and internal organs.

Not only do Silkies have beards, but they also boast five toes on each foot instead of the usual four found in most chicken breeds. It’s like they’re rocking an extra accessory!

Their gentle nature and friendly demeanor make Silkies popular among chicken enthusiasts as pets or show birds. They often become broody and love caring for eggs and chicks if given the opportunity.

In addition to their unique appearance, Silkies are also sought after for their ornamental value in gardens due to their stunning feathering patterns and calm temperament.

12. Polish

The Polish chicken, with its distinctive crest of feathers atop its head, is truly a sight to behold. This unique breed is known for its flamboyant appearance and regal demeanor. The tufted crests, also called “topknots,” can be quite large and fluffy, giving these chickens an almost comical yet charming look.

Polish chickens come in a variety of colors including white, black, buff, silver-laced, golden-laced, and more. Their feathers are smooth and silky to the touch which adds to their overall elegance.

Polish Chicken
Polish Chicken

One interesting thing about Polish chickens is that their crests can sometimes obstruct their vision. As a result, they may seem a little clumsy compared to other breeds when it comes to maneuvering around objects or avoiding predators. However, this doesn’t make them any less endearing!

Despite their fancy appearance and potential vision impairment from the crest feathers, Polish chickens are generally friendly and docile birds. They enjoy human interaction and make great additions to backyard flocks.

In addition to their unique appearance, Polish chickens are also valued for their egg-laying abilities. While not as prolific layers as some other breeds like Leghorns or Rhode Island Reds, they still produce a respectable number of small-to-medium-sized white eggs throughout the year.

13. Houdan

When it comes to unique-looking chickens, the Houdan stands out from the flock. This beautiful breed is known for its striking appearance and distinctive features. One of the most notable characteristics of a Houdan chicken is its beard. Yes, you heard that right – these chickens sport their little facial hair!

The beard on a Houdan chicken is quite impressive. It consists of long feathers that grow under the beak and jut outwards, giving them a fluffy and elegant look. But that’s not all! These birds also have feathered crests on top of their heads, adding even more flair to their already eye-catching appearance.


With their unique combination of beards and crests, Houdans are often sought after by poultry enthusiasts who appreciate their aesthetic appeal. Their beautiful plumage and stylish headgear make them a favorite among those looking to add some pizzazz to their backyard flock.

In addition to their striking looks, Houdans are also known for being friendly and docile birds. They can be great additions to any backyard or small farm setting where they can thrive in a loving environment with plenty of space to roam.

14. Huiyang Bearded Chicken

The Huiyang Bearded Chicken is a stunning breed known for its unique appearance. With their fluffy beards and muffs, these chickens definitely stand out in the flock. Their beards are long and thick, extending from their cheeks down to their chests, giving them an almost regal look.

In addition to their beard, Huiyang Bearded Chickens also have tufts of feathers on either side of their heads. These tufts resemble earlobes or “earrings,” adding another layer of charm to their overall appearance.

Huiyang Bearded Chicken
Huiyang Bearded Chicken

One interesting thing about Huiyang Bearded Chickens is that only the hens have beards. The roosters do not develop this feature, making it a distinctive trait among this breed.

Aside from their striking looks, Huiyang Bearded Chickens are also known for being good layers of large white eggs. They are hardy birds that can adapt well to different climates and environments.

If you’re looking to add some flair and uniqueness to your chicken flock, consider bringing home a few Huiyang Bearded Chickens. They will undoubtedly become conversation starters among fellow chicken enthusiasts!

Final Words

We have highlighted fifteen different breeds of bearded chickens, each with its distinct appearance. Whether it’s the striking blue eggs laid by Ameraucanas or the quirky head feathers sported by Polish chickens, there is no shortage of visual appeal among these breeds.

It’s important to note that while some hens and roosters may have beards, others exhibit this feature exclusively in one gender. This adds another layer of intrigue to their genetics and further enhances their allure.

Bearded chickens are not only visually appealing but also make wonderful additions to backyard flocks. Their friendly nature and captivating appearance can bring joy and entertainment to chicken enthusiasts everywhere.

So whether you’re considering adding some fluffiness to your flock or simply appreciating the beauty of these magnificent birds from afar, take a moment to admire the charm and uniqueness of bearded chickens!

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