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BB Red Old English Game Bantam Chicken

The BB Red Old English Game also called Black Breasted Old English Bantam originated in England and has been raised for cock fighting, a reasonably-priced recreation that all people may want to get worried about. The recreation was banned in 1849 and these days the birds are raised for exhibition. The upright look of this breed units it aside and makes it noticeable. The Old English Bantam Assortment consists of many one-of-a-kind colorations inclusive of the Crete, Blue, Barred, Red Pyle, B.B. Red, and Silver Duck Wing.

A BB red bantam roster

BB Red Old English Game Bantam History

The Black Breasted Red Old English Bantam (BB Red Old English) is a breed with a wealthy record and a supportive enthusiastic fan base.

This little fowl is a historical breed that originated in England. The BB Red Old English became taken into consideration as a recreation fowl, which means it became frequently utilized in cockfights.

And it’s no wonder, this little fowl has no concept of how small he is!

Luckily, in 1849, the game of cockfighting became banned, and the BB Red Old English became an exhibitionist fowl for fanatics of this cocky-searching little breed.

Read directly to study the entirety you want to understand approximately the BB Red Old English Game bantam:

Bantam, inside the bird world, manner fun-sized. In other words, bantams are several birds that tend to be at the smaller stop of the sizing spectrum.

At maturity, roosters weigh in around 2 lbs whilst hens are smaller at approximately 1.5 lbs. So yes, that is an itty-bitty bird…with a mindset to satisfy bird fanciers of all kinds.

Physical Appearance of the BB Red Old English Bantam

he BB Old English Red is a plucky little chook with an exceedingly upright stance, which may now no longer be characteristic of its egotistical appearance. Rest assured, even though, the BB Red isn’t as sassy as she looks. A few say that in preference to a fighter, she’s a lover and, in truth, a pleasant little chook.

At maturity, the BB Red Old English sports activities splashes of vivid orange and purple plumage contrasting with iridescent black and green. Roosters are a marvelous sight to peers and, in part, this is why exhibitionists and breeders love including this little fowl in their flocks.

Hens are adorable in their very own way, even though they aren’t as flashy as the men inside the flock. The Female will show off suggestions of copper on her neck and tawny brown feathering on her wings and body.

BB Red Old English Egg Production and Appearance

You’ll be thrilled to examine that the BB Red lays a truthful quantity of bite-sized eggs at some stage in the year. These little poppers are ideal for mini-deviled eggs on your subsequent summertime season picnic.

With the right care and nutrition, hens can lay as many as a hundred and twenty tiny white eggs yearly.

Breed Temperament

It’s clean to expect that the BB Red Old English bantam is a bully because of his record as a cock fighter, however on the contrary, this little banty tends to have raving fanatics because of his informal demeanor.

Of course, there’s constantly a huge type of personality in the breed, and whilst the BB Red Old English Game isn’t aggressive, it’s far a completely lively little bird.

Some would possibly even name it a flighty chicken.

And in terms of broody behavior, don’t anticipate hens to elevate their chick, as they do not often end up broody. If it’s your aim to reproduce this spunky little bird, recall investing in an incubator to do the heavy lifting on your hens.

Lastly, in terms of temperament, the BB Red Old English is a savvy forager. And whilst their small length makes them a high prey target, they’re top-notch free rangers if they’re furnished with suitable safety from predators.


While the BB Red can thrive in less warm climates, he prefers to stay wherein it’s warm. This little chicken has a tall comb, which may be a recipe for frostbite throughout the iciness. Their feathers also are pretty tight, and close, to their bodies, which additionally makes them much less tolerant of bloodless climates.

If you need to hold this breed withinside the northern hemisphere, offer safe haven in a draft-unfastened environment, and plan on training a few frostbite prevention for the duration of the iciness in case you need to hold the one’s combs status tall.

We love the BB Red Old English Bantam due to its lovely coloring, funny posture, and compact size.

The BB Red Old English is best for fanciers who like to have a decorative flock gracing their front backyard or for individuals who revel in displaying chickens every year. This is a breed that has come to an extended manner and merits handiest the satisfaction going forward.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to BB Red Old English Bantams

What is a BB red chicken?

The Black Breasted Red Old English Bantam (BB Red Old English) is a breed with a rich history and a supportive enthusiastic fan base. This little chicken is a heritage breed that originated in England. The BB Red Old English was considered a game bird, meaning it was often used in cockfights.

What color eggs do Old English game Bantams lay?

Old English Bantam hens lay white to light-tint-colored eggs. Hens that brood are dependable setters; however, hens that don’t brood will not lay eggs. Fortunately, Old English hens typically show broodiness and are typically quite virile.

Are Old English game Bantams good layers?

Old English hens are fair layers that are usually reliable brooders. If they’re not broody, they can usually produce two cream or tinted eggs a week. But when they go broody, they can be excellent and protective mothers to their chicks.

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