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Asian Black Chicken Profile, History, and Characteristics

Chicken enthusiasts, farmers, and breeders are digging the Internet to find details about the “Asian Black Chicken”. Unfortunately, Google offers confusing results so in this article I am going to explain everything about this spike in search.

What is Asian Black Chicken?

There are two answers to this question and we don’t know which of the two answers your question. Whether you are looking for “Asian Black Chicken” per se, or just black chicken from Asia, I’ll explain below.

Image credit Hoover’s Hatchery

The First Answer

If you are specifically looking for Asian black chicken developed by Hoover’s Hatchery then this is the answer. Hoovers Hatchery is an American hatchery that developed, or should we say “discovered” this mixed breed while doing a series of trial-and-error processes in their laboratory. Sometimes, when you are doing a lot of processes something good may come up and this is no different from having a black result. hence they call it Asian Black Chicken because probably one of the parent stocks is a black chicken from Asia.

According to Hoovers Hatchery:

The Asian Black is a slower-growing bird. The males can reach market weight in 10 to 12 weeks, and the females take 15 weeks. Its striking colors with a blue/green hue on the black and red feather pattern make it a beautiful addition to any flock. It is a hardy bird that can adapt to many growing conditions. *Less than 5% hatch out a buff color as depicted by the photo.

Purpose: Dual-Purpose Production: 250 Medium Brown Eggs/Year Temperament: Docile, Friendly Mature Weight: 5-6 lbs. Hardiness: Cold and Heat Hardy Broodiness: Rarely Comb Type: Single Comb

Now you know there is an Asian Black Chicken but the question is, is this a breed? Anything new that can be reproduced and gives teh same result can be considered a breed. It is a breed because it is a product/mix of two or more parent stocks. But since it is new, APA hasn’t recognized it yet.

The Hoovers hatchery and other American hatcheries like Tractor Supply are selling Asian Black chicks already so if you want to find out more, you may buy a pair or two and start growing them.

The Second Answer

This is for people who are just looking for black chicken from Asia and the answer is Ayam Cemani. If you search Google for “black chicken”, it will ultimately give you Ayam Cemani, Silkie, or Kadaknath – all have black meat.

Some Questions About Asian Black

What is an Asian black chicken? What color eggs do Asian black chickens lay?

Eggs of these black beauties eggs are cream-colored and the medium is size. Where males are meat producers, females can give both. Per year a healthy female chicken lays almost 180-250 eggs.

At what age do Asian black chickens lay eggs?

At what age do chickens usually start laying eggs? On average, young female chickens start laying eggs or “come into lay” around 6 months of age.

Do Asian black chickens have black meat?

The Asian black chicken from Hoover’s has white meat while Ayam Cemani has black meat. The Asian black chicken only has black plumage but the meat is like any other chicken in color.

When searching for a black chicken, make sure that you are looking for a black chicken (all black from feathers, meat, to the bones), or just looking for black feathers like Black Australorp or Black Jersey Giant. Many black chickens have no black meat so know what you want.

What age do Asian black chickens start laying?

On average, young female Asian chickens start laying eggs or “come into lay” around 6 months of age. Some chickens may start laying eggs as early as 16 to 18 weeks old, while others may take upwards of 28 to 32 weeks (closer to 8 months old)!

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