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11 Best Backyard Chicken Breeds to Grow in the Philippines for Profit

Backyard chicken breeds are highly sought after by people who raise chickens in their backyards. These type of chickens are different from broiler breeds because they are highly tolerant of diseases and takes longer to grow to slaughter age.

Free-range chicken farming in the Philippines is one of the hottest backyard activities today and in fact, the number of people who are growing heritage chicken breeds is rapidly increasing. Since people are staying in their homes, it is normal to think of other ways to make money, and backyard chicken farming is a perfect fit.

11 Backyard Chicken Breeds to Raise for Profit

If you love chickens and want to raise them to make a profit, here are the best heritage chicken breeds to grow.

backyard chicken
Heritage chicken breeds

1. Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island Red (RIR) is the most popular chicken breed to grow in your backyard at this moment. There is a very low supply of RIR chicks which causes its price to balloon. The dark mahogany line which is the most popular, the cost of a day-old chick ranges from P150 to P230 and you can find it if you don’t reserve. Meanwhile, the production red chicks costs between P100 and P150.

2. Barred Plymouth Rock

Second is the barred Plymouth Rock (BPR). This breed is very popular due to its color and is easy to raise. They are friendly too and can fetch a better price. Like RIR, BPR chicks cost between P150 and P180 with the best line costs over P250. More information about Barred Rock.

3. Black Australorp

This big breed of chicken is very popular with backyard growers. Not only they are big, but their all-black color is also easy for the eye. BAs are from Australia and mean Black Australian Orpington. Day-old chicks cost between P150 and P230 with a very low supply.

4. Buff Orpington

The color of this chicken is what makes this breed so adorable. They are big and expensive and few breeders are keeping them. Buff Orpington day-old chicks cost P180 to as high as P250.

5. Light Sussex

Another breed worthy of mentioning here is the Light Sussex. There are two types of Light Sussex – the original breed and the Dominant CZ breed. The original breed is very rare with chicks costing between P180 and P250, while the Dominant CZ line is lower at around P100 to P130.

6. Brahma

Here comes one of the most expensive and one of the biggest (second only to Jersey Giant) chicken breeds. Brahmas are rare and you can’t buy them unless you reserve them with some breeders. Prepare at least P800 for a day-old chick. The trio of Brahma breeders that are ready to lay would cost P10,000 to P13,000.

7. Jersey Giant

The biggest chicken breed, Jersey Giants are really good-looking chickens. Black is the most popular color. JG chicks would cost around P350 to P500.

8. Kabir and SASSO

These are not really chicken breeds but names of companies producing these specific types of chickens. Both Kabir and SASSO are raised for meat and are one of the leading breeds for free-range meat production. The cost of chicks would be around P80 depending on which part of the country you are in.

9. Dekalb Brown

Dekalb Brown is the number one breed for organic and free-range egg production. They are not considered heritage as they are genetically developed for a specific purpose – egg production. Chicks cot around P90.

10. Dominant CZ

Dominant CZ is the name of the company producing a specific line of breeds. There are many types of Dominant chickens and they are raised for both eggs and meat production. Chick costs between P80 and P100.

Although many said that the taste of our native breeds is different, the above chicken breeds are preferred if you grow for business because they grow faster and bigger.

11. Philippine Native Chicken

The Philippine native chicken breeds (Tagalog and Bisaya) are still the favorite chicken meat of most Filipinos even though they are more pricey than the normal broiler chicken meat. Some of the local chicken breeds include Parawakan (Paroakan), Darag, Camarines, Bolinao, Banaba, and Joloanon among others. Most of these breeds can still be found in many rural areas of the country, especially in Iloilo where Darag is widely promoted and farmed.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Backyard Chicken Breeds and Farming in the Philippines

What is backyard poultry farming in the Philippines?

Small-scale backyard poultry farming forms the backbone of the Philippine’s poultry industry. Every Filipino family grows three, five, ten, or twenty chickens in their backyard. This helps supplement the family’s protein needs but some can also be sold to provide additional income for the family.

How do I start a backyard poultry farm?

You can start backyard chicken farming by having both hens and rosters or buying day-old chicks. The number of chickens you can farm depends on your budget and space. Disease-free, dual-purpose poultry birds can be procured for backyard poultry farming. Periodical vaccination must be done on a regular basis. Clean drinking water and fungus-free feed must be supplied to the birds. The poultry shed must be regularly cleaned and free from moisture and humid conditions.

Is free-range chicken profitable in the Philippines?

Yes, poultry farming (both for meat and eggs) is a profitable Philippines business venture right now. It is certainly possible to earn a livable wage, plus generate significant cash flow even as a small backyard enterprise.

What is free-range chicken Philippines?

Free-range chicken raising is when your birds are not kept in cages and are allowed to roam around and forage for bugs and worms. The general consensus is that this method is a more humane way to keep chickens.

Is native chicken farming profitable in the Philippines?

Native chicken farming is highly profitable and there is a big shortage of supply of native chickens because no large farm is doing this on a commercial scale. Native chickens are grown only in the backyards of many rural Filipinos.

What are the most common backyard chicken breeds raised in the Philippines?

In backyard growing, native backyard chicken breeds like Darag are the most common breed. This chicken breed originates from Panay Island in the Western Visayas, near the world-famous beaches of Boracay. It is rapidly rising in popularity for very good reason.

Why free-range is booming in the Philippines?

Driven by rising demand from health- and eco-conscious consumers, free-range chicken farmers are gaining momentum in the Philippines. Though the majority of Philippine chickens are still produced on factory farms, a growing group of Filipino farmers raising organic and free-range chickens is making serious headway.

How much is a native chicken in the Philippines?

Native chicken costs more than regular broiler meat. Depending on where you are relocated, native chickens can cost between P200 to P350/kilo. Chickens that are raised organically could cost more.

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