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10 Attractive Yellow Chicken Breeds

Do you know that yellow chicken breeds are becoming more and more popular due to their attractive color? If white is your favorite, it’s time you also need to take a look at these beautiful birds.

In every corner of the globe, these sunny poultry species are revered not just for their striking appearance but also for their unique characteristics. This article will pique your interest whether you’re a seasoned chicken breeder or someone who simply appreciates the beauty of nature’s color palette. Let’s embark on an exploration to appreciate these golden feathered wonders together!

What is Yellow Chicken

When we talk about “Yellow Chickens”, we are referring to poultry breeds that exhibit feathers with shades ranging from light, subtle yellow to deep gold. These chickens are often referred to as ‘buff’ in the world of chicken breeding.

Buff is a specific term used by breeders and enthusiasts alike to describe a color pattern that appears uniform across all feathers. It’s an enchanting hue somewhere between lemon zest and rich caramel.

These golden beauties add charm and vibrancy to our backyards or farms, standing out amongst other breeds due to their unique coloring. They’re not just eye candy; many buff-chicken breeds offer excellent egg production or meat quality.

The term ‘yellow chicken’ doesn’t point towards one particular breed but rather describes an array of different species united under the banner of this warm, sunny hue.

What Makes Yellow Chickens Attractive?

Yellow chickens are undeniably attractive, thanks to their vibrant and eye-catching colors. The golden hues of their feathers give them a unique charm that sets them apart from other breeds. Whether it’s the soft buff color or the striking gold patterns, these chickens are sure to catch your attention.

The yellow color in chickens is often associated with warmth and happiness. Just like a ray of sunshine, these birds brighten up any flock or backyard coop. Their cheerful presence brings joy to both seasoned chicken keepers and newcomers alike.

What makes yellow chickens even more appealing is their versatility in appearance. From fluffy Silkies to sleek Wyandottes, there’s a breed for every preference. Some have gorgeous laced patterns on their feathers, while others display an elegant solid buff color throughout.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, yellow chickens also possess desirable qualities beyond just looks. Many of these breeds are known for being docile and friendly, making them great additions to family farms or petting zoos.

If you’re looking for a beautiful and charming addition to your flock, consider adding one (or more!) of these lovely yellow chicken breeds. They will not only bring visual delight but also add personality and character to your poultry collection.

Remember – beauty comes in many shades, and when it comes to yellow chickens, they certainly know how to shine! So why not add some golden goodness into your life with these stunning feathered friends?

10 Attractive Yellow Chicken Breeds

1. Buff Plymouth Rock

Buff Plymouth Rock chickens are a stunning breed known for their beautiful yellow feathers. These birds have a rich, golden color that adds warmth and vibrancy to any flock. The Buff Rock is medium-sized with a sturdy build, making it an attractive choice for backyard chicken keepers.

Buff Plymouth Rock Yellow Chicken Breeds
Buff Plymouth Rock

In terms of appearance, Buff Rocks have a compact body shape and a single comb on top of their head. Their feathers are soft and fluffy, giving them an adorable and cuddly look. The bright yellow color of their plumage is consistent throughout their entire body, from head to tail.

Originating in the United States in the late 1800s, Buff Rocks quickly gained popularity among poultry enthusiasts due to their striking appearance and friendly demeanor. They were originally bred as dual-purpose birds, meaning they were valued for both egg production and meat quality.

When it comes to size, Buff Rocks fall into the medium-sized category. Roosters typically weigh around 7-8 pounds (3-3.6 kg), while hens weigh slightly less at 5-6 pounds (2.3-2.7 kg). This makes them manageable for most backyard setups while still providing enough eggs and meat if desired.

2. Black-Tailed Buff Japanese Bantam

The Black-Tailed Buff Japanese Bantam is a stunning yellow chicken breed that stands out with its unique appearance. Its color, as the name suggests, is buff or golden, giving it a warm and inviting look. The feathers are soft and fluffy, adding to their charm.

Black-Tailed Buff Japanese Bantam
Black-Tailed Buff Japanese Bantam

In terms of size, these bantams are small and compact. They have short legs and a well-rounded body shape. Despite their small stature, they carry themselves with grace and elegance.

Originating from Japan, this breed has been around for centuries. It was initially bred for ornamental purposes due to its beautiful plumage. Today, it continues to captivate chicken enthusiasts with its striking appearance.

These bantams make excellent pets for those who appreciate their beauty and want a smaller-sized chicken breed. Their calm demeanor also makes them great additions to backyard flocks.

The Black-Tailed Buff Japanese Bantam is an exquisite example of a yellow chicken breed that delights both the eyes and the heart. Its distinct coloration along with its petite size makes it an attractive choice for anyone looking to add some visual appeal to their flock without compromising on personality or temperament.

3. Buff Silkies

Buff Silkies are one of the most adorable and unique yellow chicken breeds out there. Their fluffy plumage is what makes them stand out from the crowd. These chickens have a soft, downy appearance that almost resembles fur rather than feathers.

Their color ranges from light creamy buff to a deeper golden hue, giving them an irresistible charm. The combination of their fluffy feathers and vibrant yellow color makes Buff Silkies incredibly attractive.

White and Buff Silkies black chicken meat
White and Buff Silkies

In terms of size, Buff Silkies are classified as bantams, which means they are smaller compared to standard-sized chickens. However, their small stature doesn’t take away from their cuteness factor!

Originating in Asia, specifically China or Japan, Buff Silkies have been around for centuries. They were originally bred for ornamental purposes due to their stunning appearance and friendly temperament.

Whether you’re looking to add some charm to your backyard flock or simply want a pet with personality, Buff Silkies won’t disappoint! With their striking yellow plumage and gentle nature, these little fluff balls will surely capture your heart. Keep reading to discover more beautiful yellow chicken breeds!

4. Golden Laced Wyandotte

The Golden Laced Wyandotte is a stunning breed of yellow chicken that is sure to catch your eye. With its beautiful golden color and intricate lacing pattern, this breed is truly a sight to behold.

Golden Laced Wyandotte Hens

In terms of appearance, the Golden Laced Wyandotte has rich, golden feathers with black lacing around the edges. This unique combination creates a striking contrast that makes these chickens stand out from the crowd. They have a compact and rounded body shape, with a medium size that is perfect for backyard flocks.

Originating in the United States in the late 1800s, this breed quickly gained popularity for its beauty and versatility. The Golden Laced Wyandotte was bred for both meat and egg production, making it an excellent choice for those looking to raise chickens for dual purposes.

Aside from their stunning looks, Golden Laced Wyandottes are known for their friendly and docile temperament. They are great additions to any flock as they get along well with other breeds and are easy to handle.

Whether you’re drawn to their gorgeous color or impressed by their gentle nature, there’s no denying the appeal of Golden Laced Wyandottes. Consider adding them to your flock if you want a strikingly beautiful chicken that also delivers on productivity.

5. Beijing You

Beijing You, also known as Beijing Fatty, is a stunning yellow chicken breed that originated in China. Its name might sound amusing, but this bird is no joke when it comes to its beauty and appeal.

One of the most striking features of Beijing You chickens is their vibrant yellow color. Their feathers have a golden hue that can instantly brighten up any flock. This dazzling shade sets them apart from other breeds and makes them truly eye-catching.

beijing-you-chickens with feathered feet
Beijing You

In terms of appearance, Beijing You chickens have a unique body shape. They are plump and round with short legs, giving them an adorable chubby look. Despite their size, they are surprisingly agile and active.

Originating from Beijing in China, these chickens were historically bred for meat production due to their ample size. However, they are now cherished not only for their meat but also for their ornamental value.

6. Buff Orpington

Originating from England, the Buff Orpington is a crowd favorite when discussing yellow chickens. Its majesty lies not just in its vibrant golden hue, but also in its size and personality.

Typically larger than many other breeds, adult Buff Orpingtons can weigh between 7-10 pounds. They’re characterized by their broad bodies and deep chests which are covered entirely with thick, fluffy feathers that shimmer like gold

Buff Orpington hen and rooster
Buff Orpington hen and rooster


Their appearance exudes an aura of warmth – much like the sun itself! These birds have round heads adorned with medium-sized combs alongside wattles of a red coloration that contrasts beautifully against their yellow plumage.

Buff Orpingtons aren’t just pretty; they’re practical too. Known for being great egg layers and excellent mothers, these birds bring both beauty and functionality to your backyard coop.

7. Buff Cochin

Buff Cochin is a stunning yellow chicken breed that is known for its fluffy feathers and unique appearance. This breed originated in China and was later introduced to the Western world.

The Buff Cochin has a beautiful golden color that shines under the sunlight, making it an eye-catching addition to any flock. Its plumage is soft and abundant, giving it a fluffy appearance that many chicken enthusiasts adore.


In terms of size, Buff Cochins are considered large birds with their rounded bodies and feathered legs. They have small wattles and combs, which adds to their overall charm.

Originating from China, this breed was brought to England in the mid-19th century before making its way to other parts of the world. Today, Buff Cochins can be found in many countries as popular show birds or backyard pets.

8. Lemon Cuckoo Pekin Bantam

The Lemon Cuckoo Pekin Bantam is a stunning yellow chicken breed that is sure to catch the eye of any poultry enthusiast. Its vibrant lemony yellow feathers are truly captivating and add a burst of color to any flock.

In terms of appearance, the Lemon Cuckoo Pekin Bantam is small in size but big in personality. They have feathered feet, giving them an adorable and fluffy appearance. Their compact bodies are covered in soft, downy feathers that make them incredibly cuddly.

Lemon Cuckoo Pekin Bantam
Lemon Cuckoo Pekin Bantam

Originating from China, these bantams were originally bred for their ornamental qualities rather than egg or meat production. Today, they are popular as pets due to their friendly nature and striking looks.

Despite their small size, Lemon Cuckoo Pekin Bantams lay surprisingly large eggs relative to their body size. These eggs have creamy white shells and are known for being deliciously rich in flavor.

9. Lemon Cuckoo Orpington

Lemon Cuckoo Orpingtons are a stunning breed of yellow chickens that are sure to catch anyone’s eye. With their beautiful lemon and white feather pattern, they stand out among other poultry breeds. These chickens have a medium size and are known for their friendly and docile nature.

Lemon Cuckoo Orpington  yellow chicken
Lemon Cuckoo Orpington

The Lemon Cuckoo Orpington originated in England, where it was developed by William Cook in the late 1800s. The breed is a cross between the Buff Orpington and the Lemon Pyle Brahma, resulting in its unique coloration.

One of the most striking features of these chickens is their plumage. The lemon-colored feathers with cuckoo patterning create an exquisite contrast that adds to their overall attractiveness.

Not only are Lemon Cuckoo Orpingtons visually appealing, but they also make excellent pets or backyard flock members. They have a calm temperament and can be easily handled, making them suitable for families or individuals looking for gentle and sociable birds.

In terms of size, Lemon Cuckoo Orpingtons fall into the medium category. They have broad bodies with fluffy feathers that give them a plump appearance. Their size makes them easy to care for and handle compared to larger chicken breeds.

10. Buff Brahma

Buff Brahma chickens are known for their stunning yellow feathers that add a touch of sunshine to any flock. These beautiful birds have a gentle and docile nature, making them popular among backyard chicken keepers.

Buff Brahmas are large and majestic creatures. They have strong bodies with broad chests and feathered feet that give them an elegant look. Their plumage is predominantly golden-yellow, which gives them a regal and eye-catching appearance.

Brahma Chicken
Buff Brahma Hen and Rooster

When it comes to size, Buff Brahmas are considered one of the larger chicken breeds. Roosters can weigh up to 12 pounds, while hens typically reach around 9 pounds. Their substantial size adds to their grandeur and presence in the coop.

Originating from Asia, specifically India, Buff Brahmas were brought to the Western world in the mid-19th century. They quickly gained popularity due to their attractive coloration and calm temperament.

Not only do these chickens possess captivating beauty, but they also make excellent additions to any flock due to their friendly disposition. They get along well with other breeds and are known for being great brooders.

Whether you’re looking for a striking addition to your chicken collection or simply want a friendly companion in your backyard, Buff Brahmas are sure to bring joy with their sunny yellow feathers and gentle personalities

Final Words

Yellow chickens, also known as buff chickens, are truly a sight to behold. Their vibrant yellow or gold feathers make them stand out among other breeds and add a beautiful touch to any flock. Whether you’re looking for a small bantam variety or a larger breed, there is sure to be a yellow chicken that catches your eye.

Whether you’re an experienced chicken enthusiast or just starting your journey into backyard poultry keeping, adding a yellow chicken breed to your flock can be an exciting and rewarding experience. These birds not only bring visual charm but also contribute their unique personalities and egg-laying abilities.

Remember, whether it’s the majestic Golden Laced Wyandotte or the adorable Black-Tailed Buff Japanese Bantam that captures your heart, each of these breeds has its charm and allure. So take some time to research which breed suits your preferences best before making your decision.

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