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Cauliflower Farming: How to Plant and Grow Cauliflower

Cauliflower farming is one of the most profitable agricultural activities for farmers to engage in. Cauliflower is one of the most important vegetables in the Philippines and also one of the most profitable for farmers because of its highest price compared to other main vegetables like string beans, ampalaya,  okra, eggplants, and squash.

If you are looking to learn how to plant and grow cauliflower even in your backyard garden, continue reading this “paano magtanim ng cauliflower” guide.Cauliflower-farming

When cauliflower should be planted?

Cauliflower is grown between January to May, with April being the ideal month for its cultivation. However, it all depends on the climate of the area in which we are. It is a plant somewhat sensitive to frost. It needs temperatures between 15-22ºC to develop.

What type of soil is needed by the cauliflower?

You need well-drained and porous soil. The substrate must be rich in nitrogen and potassium. Acidic soils do not suit the vegetable.

Cauliflower Farming: How to plant cauliflower?

Growing cauliflower from seed is not recommended due to the time it needs to grow. The idea is to cut a stem from a harvested cauliflower.

However, if we grow them in seeds we will have to:

  • Plant 3 or 4 seeds in a seedbed or directly in the ground.
  • Cover it with soil no more than twice its size, between 2-3 cm.
  • It germinates between 4-20 days, depending on the temperature and the sun.
  • When you have 3 true leaves, we will have the plant.

If we plant the cauliflower in the stem we will have to:

  • The planting is recommended to be carried out at about 60 x 70 cm.
  • It needs plenty of water for its growth.
  • And also a lot of hoeing work. The stems are covered with compost mulch.

Can cauliflower be planted in pots?

Yes. For this, we need a container with a capacity of at least 22 liters.


  • Cauliflower mostly needs constant humidity.
  • Cauliflower watering in the garden should be frequent.

When to harvest cauliflower?

  • Cauliflowers take 6 to 8 months to develop.
  • They are collected when the mass or pellet is white.
  • If it has brownish spots or separate inflorescences it means that it is old.
  • These parts could be consumed, but are routinely discarded.

Cauliflower can be planted with the following vegetables

  • Celery and thyme: keep the cabbage fly away.
  • Lettuce and spinach: protect crucifers from fleas.
  • Mint: increases the production of cabbages.
  • Peas or beans: provide nitrogen to the soil.

Pests on cauliflower

  • Cabbage fly
  • Cabbage caterpillar
  • Leaf miner
  • Slugs and snails
  • Aphid
  • Weevil
  • Bug
  • Among the most frequent diseases are mildew, powdery mildew, and white rust

Additional information on cauliflower farming

Cauliflower gives off a strong odor when cooked in water. To avoid this, we can add a piece of stale bread or a splash of milk to the cooking. Cauliflower can also be eaten raw, even its leaves can also be used.

FAQ Related to Cauliflower Farming

How long does cauliflower take to grow?

You can harvest cauliflowers throughout the year, depending on when you sow. They generally take three to five months from sowing to maturity, but growth rates vary according to the variety and weather conditions.

Is cauliflower easy to grow?

Cauliflower is not the easiest vegetable to grow, because it is very sensitive to temperature changes. However, with a little TLC, it can be a very rewarding vegetable for your garden. You’ll have many more variety options if you start your cauliflower from seed

How many cauliflowers do you get off one plant?

Unlike broccoli, however, which produces multiple side shoots, cauliflower only produces a single head which means you have one chance to get it right.

Does cauliflower need a lot of water?

Cauliflower needs consistent moisture to succeed. One to two inches of water per week — including rainfall — is best. Consider installing a drip irrigation system to keep the soil moist but not drench

How many times can cauliflower be harvested?

Will cauliflower grow back? Cauliflower can only be harvested one time. After the head is removed, it will not form any more edible heads. If you can’t get enough cauliflower, extend your harvest by planting several different varieties that mature at different times.

Does cauliflower regrow after cutting?

Your cauliflower plant will continue to grow even after you cut off the head. To maintain your plant, give it 1–1.5 in (2.5–3.8 cm) of water once a week. Along with normal rainfall, this should be plenty to keep your plants healthy. Harvest cauliflower florets as they grow.

What is the best climate for cauliflower?

Cauliflower is a cool-weather vegetable, growing best with average temperatures between 60 and 65 degrees F and no higher than 75 degrees F. Cauliflower is more sensitive to heat than other cole crops.

How do you increase the yield of cauliflower?

Generally, the Cauliflower crop should be given 200 kg nitrogen, 75 kg phosphorus, and 75 kg potassium per hectare for maximum yield. When planting, add 100 kg nitrogen, 75 kg phosphorus, and 75 kg potash. The remaining half of the nitrogen should be given 30 to 45 days after transplanting.

Do cauliflowers need full sun?

Cauliflowers don’t appreciate the full sun in mid-summer but early summer cauliflowers will be harvested before the height of summer. So plant them in a full sun position to help them complete their full growth cycle as quickly as possible.

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